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How to Download Movies & TV Shows from Yidio: Track, discover and find where to watch TV shows and movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime, and over 100 more services.

Yidio is the premier personalized TV & movie guide that helps you find where to watch TV Shows and Movies streaming online and discover new things to watch. Save time and money by using one app to manage your TV and movie life.

We are a fast-growing, profitable startup with over 15 million monthly users accessing content from over 180 different content providers across Yidio’s top ranked iOS, Android, Kindle, and web apps.


With Yidio, finding what you want to watch is as easy as ABC. Find where to watch TV Shows or Movies available across more than 100 sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Xfinity, DirecTV, Showmax and lot more.

Meanwhile, below are the features of Yidio official website and the major reason why we are the best movies and TV shows sites in the world today. Just calm down and take note.


Unique Features of Yidio

1. Personalized Suggestions – Based on the things you like.

2. Personalized Watchlist – Keep track of what you watch and what to watch next.


3. Personalized Daily Reminders – See what’s new each day.

4. Price Comparison – Find the free & cheapest ways to watch.


5. Facebook fans engage in lively discussions, debates, and polls about media, tv shows, and gossip daily.

6. More channels, devices, networks, and services mean more options than ever for watching TV shows, movies, and videos.

7. Universal TV & Movie Search Guide – Find where to watch TV Shows and Movies streaming online and Roku remote control.

8. Yidio’s users can easily tune into a daily stream of hot topics centered on the shows and movies they care about the most.

9. Yidio is dedicated to enabling consumers to manage their entertainment activities across the many services available for free or by subscription.

10. Create a personalized profile that tracks favorite shows, from a custom TV schedule for first-run episodes to daily reminders your feed, email, or push notifications.

12. Discovering new shows and content is easy with recommendations based on your actions on Yidio, including watching content & adding TV shows and movies to your favorites.

13. Pulling in data from hundreds of sources to aggregate the most accurate viewing directory possible, Yidio’s TV guide offers complete episode information and links to watch a show wherever it is available, including broadcast schedules.

However, below are the steps and procedures on How to Download Movies & TV Shows from Yidio at any point in time on your mobile phone and personal computer.

Steps on How to Download Movies & TV Shows from Yidio

1. Visit our official website @ https://www.yidio.com/

2. Click on movies or TV shows at the top of the site.

3. Or better still search for movies or TV shows at the search button.

4. Then, click on Google play or Apple store logo.

5. You will be directed to either google play store or Apple store.

6. Select either to rent or better still buy the movie or TV show.

7. Enter your account details on the space provided below to make your payment.

8. Once the payment is completed you can now access your movies and TV shows at any point in time.

Download Yidio App for Mobile and PC

Available in both the iOS and Android app stores, Yidio transforms your phone, tablet and TV into a personal on demand home theater giving you the ability to watch anything, anywhere.

Below, are the steps and procedures on how to Download Yidio App at any point in time with any device, no matter where you are.

1. Visits Google Play Store / Apple Store to Download Yidio App.

2. Click on the INSTALL button on the home page.

3. And wait of 3 mins for your downloaded file to be completed.

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