Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids Holding Hands?


Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids Player escort otherwise called match mascort or child mascort has been in existence in football history in the 90s. it was officially introduced into world football in the UEFA Euro 2000. Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids? Before each game, players are seen walking out the tunnels holding hands with kids. The functions of these kids include picking ball on the sideline and also to carry flags for the term/club.


There is certain age bracket of player escort which is between 6 to 18 years. Becoming match mascort is never free. Some football clubs put certain amount of money to be paid by kids to appear before the crowd with his/her best player.

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There are occasions where the kids are represented; like the Sao Paulo player walking out of the tunnels with dogs. Dogs were used instead of kids to raise awareness about dog’s related problems. Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids.  In another instance, the Ajax Amsterdam football players walked out the tunnel with their mothers to celebrate mothers on mother’s day.


Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids  Basically, there are two reasons why football players walk out with kids; for non-profit and for profit making.




  • Players walking out with kids show innocence of the game. Players learn to play with the spirit of sportsmanship, not to harm the opponent and to play safe.
  • Players walking out with kids also raises awareness about children’s right. This shows that child’s right should be respected.
  • It also helps each kid in achieving their dreams of meeting their best favourite players.
  • Players are protected from the harm of fans throwing things at them when they stand with kids.



Clubs use the child walking out with players to make huge amount of revenue for themselves. Kids that want to participate are meant to buy tickets. The ticket amount sometimes are as high as $2,000 which the club use either for charity or to support the club.

Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids


In English premier league, football clubs like Leicester, Crystal Palace, and Swansea City sell tickets for player escort. While clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc do it for free to help the kids achieve their dreams. hope this article gave you answers to Why Do Football Players Walk out With Kids?. if you know other reason please drop comment and let us know.








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