Wedding Messages for Brother {Wishes, Quotes, Prayers & Sweet SMS}


Witnessing a brother getting married is the most emotional moment for a sibling. For siblings to express these precious emotions of happiness and joy along with blessings, we have listed below a number of cute and special wedding messages for a brother.

Make sure that your dear brother knows how much you love him and appreciate his choice by sending a nice heartfelt wedding message and card to him.

Share a message of support and love showing him you will always be there for him too and that he made a wise choice on his new life. Here are some messages you can send to your brother on his wedding day:


Wedding Quotes

1. True love stories never have endings. — CJK Nwafor

2. Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips. — Richard Bach


3. True love stories never have endings. — Richard Bach

4. We loved with a love that was more than love. — Edgar Allan Poe


5. Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. — Albert Einstein

6. The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage. — William Lyon Phelps


7. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you. — Mignon McLaughlin

8. Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold. — Zelda Fitzgerald

9. Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are. — Oscar WIlde

10. And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince. —Elizabeth Young

Short Wedding Messages for Brother

1. Happy married life.

2. Hearty married life my bro!

3. God bless your new home.

4. Congrats on getting hitched!

4. I wish you a beautiful married life.

6. Congrats on your wedding my bro.

7. Hearty wedding and marriage life my bro!

8. May God bless you with tremendous love!

9. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

10. My God make your love immortal and endless!

11. Congratulations to you both on this happy day!

12. God bless and protect you and your lovely bride!

13. May your marriage be blessed and offer eternal love.

14. May you always be caring and loving to your life partner!

15. May your love grow deeper with each day of your marriage!

Sweet Wedding Wishes for Brother

1. As a sister, I want you to keep her embraced with your love and protect her from all the negativity of the world. Keep her happy always.

2. Never let the smile on her face fade away. Congratulations to you for the coming years of togetherness. Stay happy and blessed together, always.

3. Love her like the way you want someone to love your sister. Never let tears come in her eyes, always keep her happy as you have kept me.

4. I was born lucky because I had a brother like you. You have always been the best person in my life. I know you’ll make a good husband too!

5. I will pray for love between you two to grow strong enough to conquer all the ups and downs of your marriage life. My best wishes are always with you, brother.

6. Holding on tight to the bond of love that you share is the key to a successful marriage. I will always pray for your togetherness.

7. You may face a lot of ups and downs in your marriage. But never let each other go. Keep holding on to the bond of love you share together.

8. When true love is shared between two pure hearts, no hurdle in the world can make them apart. Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife!

9. Keep trust and faith in the love that you both have for each other. I pray for the trust and faith between you two to grow stronger than ever. Have a blessed marriage life, dear brother.

10. I hope your journey of marriage will be filled with love, trust, support and blessings bestowed by the Almighty. I will be always praying for your successful marriage life.

11. Let your marriage life be surrounded by trust, faith and love. It will provide you with the power to face all the hardships of life together. Congratulations dear brother!

12. Along with celebrating each other’s happiness remember to stand beside each other during hard times of life. The blessings of your loved ones are always with you.

13. Protect her not because she is a responsibility, but because she is a treasure. Keep her happy not because you have to, but because you want to! Congratulations!

14. The most precious gift that I can give you on your wedding is blessings for love between you two to grow with every year that passes by. Have a blessed marriage life ahead, my brother.

15. Embrace each other’s imperfections and always cherish moments of love and joy throughout this long journey of your marriage. Congratulations brother! My best wishes are with you always.

16. It’s crazy how seeing you getting married can make me so emotional. I’m so beyond happy for you. May this new life bring you everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Congratulations on your wedding!

17. What a wonderful day to tell you how much I love you. I care about you more than you can imagine, and I’m beyond happy that you’ve found someone who treats you right. Have a wonderful wedding and an amazing life.

18. I can’t believe something like this is really happening. I’m extremely happy to see you being so in love with a wonderful human being who loves you back. This is everything I have ever wanted for you. Be happy, Godspeed.

19. You look amazing together! I wish you to always remember why you said ‘yes’ on that day. May your love guide you through your darkest days. I believe in this marriage, and I know you will cope with everything as long as you are together.

20. Congratulations on choosing someone you want to spend the rest of your life with! Such an important step. I’m very proud of you and wish you the biggest happiness. Let your love be your guiding light in this whole new world.

Prayers Wedding Messages for Brother

1. We are praying that God guides you in your new adventure. May God pour out blessings on you two.

2. May you both be blessed with heavenly love in abundance. May God make all your worries go away and fill your heart with love and respect for each other!

3. May our lord smile upon you always and give you all the happiness you ever wanted in life. May your bond be protected by God’s eternal love!

4. Let the blessings of God come through the open door in your heart and let your married life be overwhelmed by the abundance of God’s love!

5. May God always guide you to lead a married life full of love, compassion, and purity. May you both find true happiness in the prayers!

6. God has brought your hearts together for creating a lovely, religious, and royal bloodline. May his blessings be always with you!

7. May God help you to overcome all the ups and downs of a post-marriage life. May he gift you a divine soul in the form of a newborn!

8. God must have had a list of amazing plans for you when he decided to bring your hearts closer to each other. Let’s thank him today for everything!

9. God has made a perfect partner for each other in this world. Yours seem to be the most perfect pair of all. God bless you!

10. Marriage is the gift of Almighty. I hope you two will find peace and happiness in life. May God bless you. Happy wedding, my dear! Wishing you two a very happy and blessed married life!

Sweet Wedding Messages for Brother

1. Brother, while your wife will be your greatest source of love and joy, I’m still sharing my own love and joy for you and your soulmate.

2. I have nothing for you both but the best of joys marriage can impart. I have faith that your duo will experience the greatest, longest joys.

3. Brother, I am so happy for your newest voyage in life. Finding a soul mate is a rare, wondrous event. I wish you a happy marriage.

4. Brother, today’s special union is a welcome reminder that there are bright spots in a life that can often cast us in the dark.

5. Give a cheer for my brother, he found his better half. On this special day, I commend you both and wish my sister-in-law a warm welcome.

6. With all of the pomp and circumstance surrounding this special event, I hope your love will continually flourish like it has for our mother and father.

7. Even though uranium has a half-life of 4.6 billion years, I feel the love between you two is so strong it violates the laws of thermodynamics.

8. I woke up to this news bathed in overwhelming feelings of joy and good faith. I know this moment will keep you as happy as me.

9. Congratulations, my brother. My hope is that your marriage will be one of unceasing love, prosperity, and surprises.

10. While life is a marathon journey, I know that the love, hope, and faith you have for each other will take you farther than sports drinks.

11. May happiness always fill your hours and may your joint life be filled with love. Your kid sister loves both of you.

12. I feel truly grateful to be here for this ceremony among these special people. This is the greatest wedding I’ve ever seen.

13. Congratulations to my brother. Love is a precious thing whose beauty should be shared with the world. Thank you for letting us join you today.

14. To two of the most awesome people I can think of, I hope your love lasts forever, powered by the smiles you get from each other.

15. Being among you this day brings me the greatest bliss. I give you my sincerest admiration and love. Cherish every moment of your new life together.

16. May all the positivity of this, your wedding day, stick with you for your entire marriage. I wish both of you the greatest in life.

17. As I stand by you this special day, it brings me great joy! My warmest heartfelt love is with you. May you enjoy each moment of your new life. Stay blessed.

18. Brother, you made me know how it feels to love someone. I wish you an endless marriage that does not get broken. Happy Married Life.

19. True love is among the most cherished elements of life. Centuries have been spent searching for it and yet these lucky two effortlessly succeeded. Congratulations!

20. This life is full of surprises. Special people deserve nothing but the best of everything. I really feel blessed witnessing this wonderful union. I wish you a happy marriage and may you enjoy endless love.

Funny Wedding Messages for Brother

1. Thanks for making us all happy today. You really have a very good taste in choosing your partner for life. Congratulations to both of you!

2. No one wants to go to prison but everyone wants to get married. This world is so full of irony. Congratulations on your marriage by the way!

3. There is an occasion where every man and woman officially has to sign his/her life away. That’s called a wedding. Congratulations!

4. You may be silly, stupid and mean but always remember, she knows how to swing a broomstick! Be very careful dear brother!

5. I wonder how such a beautiful girl fell for a lazy bone like you. Don’t take her for granted! Take care of her always with full sincerity.

6. There’s only one cure for laziness in men, a badass, intimidating wife. It seems like you have managed just the perfect one. Congratulations!

7. Don’t just hand over all responsibilities to your wife while you are too busy in converting oxygen into carbon-di-oxide! Share some responsibilities too!

8. Control your silly temper that arises in your head for silly reasons. You will be the one crying if she ever leaves you. Cherish her value and keep her happy always!

9. Your wife is a precious gem that only a fortunate can get. I am astonished at your luck, to be honest. Don’t take her for granted, you will not find another one like her.

10. Not often you see a pair so beautiful and amazing that it seems like they are literally made for each other. Congratulations! May your marriage be happy and everlasting!


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