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USCIS Citizenship Test: This blog post serves as an eye-opener for those seeking U.S citizenship Tests, USCIS stands for U.S citizenship and Immigration services. Here, we discussed what the test is used for, its content, and its requirements.

Majorly, the exam is for those born outside the United States seeking citizenship of the state by a means of Naturalization. The laws of the United States Immigration have stipulated requirements that must be met before one can be considered a citizen.

The general overview of the law states that one must be up to 18 years of age at the time of application, be of good behavior, must be able to read and write, speak English, and have idea laws.



Over the years, people from different continents, races, and cultures have tried gaining citizenship of the United States through any possible means available. In our quest to satisfy visitors to our webpage seeking information on the U.S citizenship test and how to prepare for it, we composed this article.


Consequently, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); conducts a citizenship civics test to ascertain the knowledge of the U.S government laws and policies. However, the content of the test seems simple but many; have complained that the test is one of the hardest tests in the world.

Though, some argue that the statement above is an exaggeration as the test content is simple and clear. According to test-guide, there are tools one can use to practice in order to prepare for the U.S citizenship test. Some of the tools include free citizenship practice tests and Recommended citizenship study products.


How to Prepare for USCIS Citizenship Test | USCIS Citizenship Test | Apply Now For Free



Those preparing for the citizenship test in the United States are advised to consider the following process to help them in having a successful test.


1.  Understand if you’re currently a U.S citizen: this goes out to those who have interest in considering themselves citizens of the United States but currently living outside the country.

On automatically becomes a citizen, if he/she was born in the United States or one (or both) of the parents is from the country. If you fit in the above conditions, no need for the test as you’re a citizen already.

2. Verify you’re Eligibility: before you start preparing your application requirements, we urge you to check your eligibility status to know if you can apply or not.

For clarity on what the law states, one can access the U.S citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website at www.uscis.gov/citizenship

3.  Complete and submit the application: intending applicants are expected to fill the Naturalization form (form N-400) which will serve as the intention form for the applicant.

4.  Payments and background checks: for the application to be successful and be considered, applicants are required to make payment for the application.

5. Interview: All applicants must be interviewed by the USCIS officers, which is done in the first stage of the application, followed by the test.

6. Oath of Allegiance:

This will come after the test. Only those that passed the test are invited to the ceremony. This oath of allegiance is conducted on the Naturalization ceremony.



The test for U.S citizenship consists of 10 questions of which the test-taker is expected to answer 6 correctly.

The 10 questions are pulled out of 100 approved questions, and there are no multiple choices as test-takers are allowed to provide one correct answer.

There are only two chances for the applicant, the first test, and a chance to rewrite the test if the applicant failed the first test. The period allowed for rewriting the test is 60-90 days after the interview.

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The citizenship test consists of the history of the United States of America, laws, etc. the questions are drawn from the following areas;

  • Holidays
  • Geography
  • Symbols
  • Recent American history
  • 1800’s
  • Colonial period and independence
  • Principles of American democracy
  • System of government
  • Rights and responsibilities.

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