Top 10 Best SEO Squirrly Plugins To Climb SEO Ladder.


The most important project on the mind of every website owner is on how to improve their website’s SEO, and we have you covered on the Best SEO squirrly Plugins to have as a webmaster. The game is not all about working harder but working smart on understanding what should be done and how to do them. Going through this article makes me believe you now understand how imperative SEO is, and that you’re looking forward to improve.

In our last blog post, we discussed how to setup SEO for beginners, which is bringing in much traffic and testimonies from young and older bloggers.

In this article, we have gathered top 10 best SEO squirrly plugins every website owner should have, what they are all about, how they work, and how to get them.



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1. Rank Math:

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Thinking of a plugin that can help you climb the search engine ladder, of course Rank Math should be your target. Launched early 2019, rank math is the best rated SEO plugin which helps web owners to do relatively about 90% optimization on their websites. The plugin was proudly built by Mythemeshop and ever since it was launched, it has taken over the wordpress plugin market. You  can install rank math just by going to your dashboard > plugin>new plugin> go to search and type in > rank math> install.


The following are reasons you should opt for rank math.

  • Brings more traffic
  • High keyword ranking
  • Friendly user interface
  • Gives a blog authority in a given niche
  • More revenue
  • And most importantly optimization for five (5) keywords.


2. Ubersuggest Plugin

Ubersuggest is a plugin which gives you insight on what other web owners are doing to improve their website SEO. As the name sounds, it suggests to you what your competitors are doing to rank on search engines. To fully understand ubersuggest, check out ubersuggest by Neil Patel where some critical features were discussed. Ubersuggest gives you domain overview, top SEO pages, keywords suggestions, contain ideas and backlink data.



3. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This plugin as the name suggests, helps you test-run if your website is mobile friendly. You will believe with me that 90% of your site visitors are mobile phone users. So, by making your site mobile friendly will bring more traffic and more earning. To use this plugin is very simple, visit www.search.google.com, you will see an option to add your URL, then click on test URL. This plugin will show you results whether your site is mobile friendly or not and also suggest to you what needs to be done to optimize the site. hope you’re now understanding Best SEO squirrly Plugins?


4. Responsinator

seo squirrlyseo squirrly


This awesome plugin helps you check the responsiveness of your website in different devices. With it, you can be able to understand how different users view your website on different devices, thereby help you make proper amendment if the need be. The responsinator was developed by Tama Pugsley & Andy Hovey and it’s the best way to check the actual website appearance on different screens.


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5. Google Trends

The tool google trends was developed by google to help webmasters track record on what is trending either locally or international scene. It is very simple to use just visit www.trends.google.com when you start writing articles on keywords which people are searching, it keeps you a step ahead of your competitors and brings more revenue. And this is part of Best SEO squirrly tool. 




6. Google AMP Plugin

The google AMP is an initiative related to some technology companies like Google and twitter, which works by subjecting websites to load faster for mobile users. The AMP here means accelerated mobile pages and is a tool that uses bare coding HTML and is only meant for javascript consumption. Mobile users get frustrated when websites take long to load and this may cause obstruction and make them close the tab and open another related page, thereby diverting your visitors to your competitors.


7. Keywords Everywhere

seo squirrlyseo squirrly

This tool is keyword searcher which can either be installed on google chrome or firefox. It is very useful when it comes to checking search volume for a particular keyword or phrase, cost per click, and keyword competition. Keyword everywhere works by pinpointing the target words your visitors are searching for. As a webmaster, the best gift you can give yourself is keyword everywhere because it saves time, instead of switching from one website to another comparing keywords, this tool does the three tasks once. To get this tool, simply click Here and hover over install for chrome or firefox depending on your current browser.


8. Mozbar

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This tool was developed to make search engine optimization simpler. It helps in saving more time and gives proper SEO standard. With this tool you have advanced metrics and can do all optimization with ease. The target of every webmaster is to get more results from the little efforts been put in his/her website. Consequently, Mozbar is the best SEO tool to try for more on what the plugin is all about, read up these articles Here and Here. indeed, it is one of the best SEO squirrly plugins.




9. SEO Wizard

The SEO wizard is an awesome tool that helps in both onpage and offpage optimization for better results. It displays your website’s onpage and offpage SEO information which makes your site better. Some of the features you can get in SEO wizard are;


  • Useful links
  • Updated design
  • Advanced performance issues
  • Indexability track
  • Two word phrases keyword density, etc.


10. Gtmetrix

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Just as we stated earlier, the speed of your website is non-negotiable and matters when it comes to site accessibility. Gtmetrix is a free Best SEO squirrly tool which will help you run speed analysis of your site and turn in more audience as no one likes a site loading for a long time, it frustrates. The Gtmetrix is actually free but you can upgrade to the pro version which gives more and more options.



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