Nollywood teenage actress Regina Daniel took to her Instagram page to show off her permanent voter’s card. This happened not too long ago as she was recently appointed as Youth campaign coordinator for Nollywood by PDP. This appointment comes as a result of the upcoming 2019 Nigerian general election, also in line with presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar’s promise to run a youth inclusive government. The pertinent question in peoples mind is about Regina’s current age.

The popular actress can be seen in her post to have stylishly used a finger to cover her birth year. Sources from Wikipedia revealed that the Nollywood actress is 18 years and would be 19 by October 10 2019. But looking closely at her PVC you will see “19” that is so obvious. This proves she isn’t a teenager as popularly believed but an adult. It still lives questions on people’s minds whether or not she is still to be referred to as a teen. Issues like this raise arguments among people as we have generally seen in cases involving Nigerian football professionals and musicians.


To some people it doesn’t matter as long as she is capable enough to carry out her newly appointed role. But to some others would argue why she is secretive about it, pointing out how immature she is about it. She is not a new in the Nollywood industry which can lead us to assume she isn’t still a teen, but her physical nature deters one to assert that she is this particular age.


Last year 2018, one of her Instagram post rattled a lot of people especially her followers. It was a backlash against those who trolled her online, she told her haters to post a photo of themselves when they were 16, furthermore she bragged about her being beautiful at that same age as compared to others that trolled her. But such statements only generated a lot of critics from her followers who questioned her real age.


Sharing a photo, she wrote;

Oh yes ! Am pretty and i know it….. if u

are older than me and u call me ugly,

bring out your picture when you were 16 .

From the above indications she tells us that come October 10, 2019 she would be 17 years of age, now this goes contrary to what we have found out earlier at Wikipedia and even what’s on her PVC. This drama of confusion is only orchestrated by our star actress Regina Daniel, in some way it makes her popular and a topic to be discussed at various places by people of interest, but it leaves questions on her maturity which is more of a mental thing than biological yard stick, and whether she is qualified to bear such responsibility as a youth coordinator for Nollywood as PDP representative.

So with much shed light on these facts about this issue we can conclude that Regina is not a teenager. Her permanent voter’s card is what we should consider as being the real document that informs us about her age.

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