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Line Sign Up: Line is the fastest growning mobile messenger app in the world,it helps in bringing users closer to their friebds and loved ones.

The app was made by NHN Japan Corporation, which has grown rapidly, amasing over 100 million users since its launch in summer 2011, is typically labelled as a messaging app, and compared to the likes of Whatsapp, Viber, and Skype because it offers free calls and texts.

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Line also always you to enjoy free messages, voice calls, and video calls anytime, anywhere. Line is available on smartphones, including iPhones, and also PCs and Macs.

Below are the features of Line.


Main Features of Line

  • Free voice and video calls anywhere, anytime
    Enjoy great quality calls at no charge, no matter where you are. Even international calls with up to 200 people at the same time are completely free! Use effects and filters for even more fun during video calls. (Note that this feature may not be available on certain devices.)
  • Convenient chats where anything is possible
    Share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations easily with friends.
  • Fun and easy-to-use social networking features
    From messages and photos to videos and locations, share your daily moments with friends on Timeline!
  • Find the world’s most popular characters at the Sticker Shop
    Browse hundreds of popular free stickers plus adorable stickers of the world’s favorite characters! Choose from a variety of LINE sticker sets to liven up your messages in your own unique way.
  • Auto-sync your device and PC
    Whether on the go with the mobile version or connected to the desktop version using your PC or Mac, your LINE chats are always up-to-date and synced automatically across all versions.
  • Your own personal storage space: Keep
    Store messages, photos, videos, and more in Keep where you can easily share them with friends.
  • Stay informed with LINE official accounts
    Connect directly with your favorite celebrities and companies by friending their official accounts.
  • Get connected to new apps
    LINE provides a gateway to entertainment and lifestyle apps that will keep you entertained and bring new convenience to your life.
  • Make international calls with LINE Out
    Place international calls to mobile phones and landlines at low rates. You can even call friends who aren’t on LINE.
    Plus, enjoy free calls after watching ads with LINE Out Free.

Steps to Sign Up on Line

  • Download the Line app on playstore or on applestore, and install the app.
  • Click the Sign Up button.
  • Signing up on your smartphone, you’ll need to verify your phone number before you can start using Line app.

Steps to Login on Line

  • Open the Line app or visit the official website @ Line.com
  • Click the phone number login.
  • Select your country code.
  • Enter your phone number and password.
  • Click login.

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