Romantic Proposal Ideas.


Basically, there are two ways guys propose to their girlfriends, the simple proposal, and the dramatic ones. Engagements should be done in a romantic ways, of course we are in modern era, and engagements should be mind blowing. in this article we shall be discussing romantic proposal ideas and how best to act it. Proposing to your girlfriend shows you’re committing your lives together forever and it’s the first step to take in making it official.

Proposals always come as a surprise, and it’s a risk because sometimes things don’t go well and it’s a NO. Try to understand your girl, make sure you guys are on the same page. Understand if she is the shy type and please make it private. The following are the best romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend.

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Taking her on a romantic trip is a good way to make your proposal romantic. Ladies are very sensitive, if it is the first time you are taking her on a trip, she will sense a proposal coming.  So make sure you both have embarked on a trip before. Take her to a place she cherishes so much, it could be a beach, an island, or a trip to another country. One thing with trip proposal is that it is hard to forget.


Arrange with the cinema management make a video of yourself talking about how much you love her, then at the end of the video ask the question; ‘Will You Marry Me?’. The video should be shown before a romantic movie which both of you will watch or preferably at the end of a romantic movie. This most is costly, but if you do love her, nothing is too much for her.


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This one is simple, invite your friends to your house make customized cloths for them, and invite your fiancée over. Decorate the room with  flowers, make the room dark and your friends positioned in different corners of the room in their customized cloths having various inscription like; ‘she is the one’ ‘here comes the queen’ ‘today is special’ ‘just say yes’ etc. The trick is she will enter the dark room, and then they will On the light she will see flowers and decoration then start reading the inscription. Then you will come out of nowhere in a customized shirt with inscription ‘Will You Marry Me?’.



Take her to a place you first met her, or a place you both had your first date or trip. This type of proposal will bring back the feelings you had the first time you met. This will show how things have changed and how much you have grown.



Invite her over to your house, once you confirm she is on her way leave the house dropping a note on the door. The note should read ‘meet me at the garden’ (or another place). Now drop another note at the garden ‘meet me at the pool’ (it should be within the compound), then when she gets to the pool, direct her to another location and from there to another location, till you drop the final note asking ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ once she is with the note come out with the ring.

The END.

Hope this article was helpful?. we are glad you visited our site, and we hope to see you again as we have more insightful contents. what proposal ideas do you think should be added here?, let us know by using the comment box below. CHEERS!


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