#OMG-How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died Before School Children.

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Christmas is one of the popularly celebrated events across the globe. This is because it is the celebration of the birth of the savior of the world; Jesus Christ. Coupled with the fact December is the end of the year. Christmas is usually characterized by the colour red and white to match. It is usually celebrated through enough holidays, enjoyments, eating, partying, visiting friends, and families and also to show love to one another. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year, a celebration which runs till the end of the month which also marks the end of the year.

Children enjoy Christmas more than the adults. It’s because they are taken care of, and taken places to see new things and meet new people as well. People are happy to see the end of the year and as well appreciate the achievements made throughout the year. One thing so spectacular about Xmas is the issue of Santa Claus. The history of Santa Claus was dated back to the year 1823.

How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died

#OMG-How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died

Santa was a character in a poem published by Clement Moore titled “A visit from Santa Claus”

Christmas is celebrated every year, and 2018 is not an exception. The news about Santa Claus visiting usually starts from the end of November. In Nigeria for instance, when children are on vacation, they start visiting Santa. Either at the radio stations, Tv stations, Churches, shopping malls, etc.

How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died

#OMG-How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died


Father Xmas as a character is acted by an adult who pretends to be Santa and has visited from North-Pole. Father Xmas as a character collapsed before school children and died afterwards due to heart attack in Russia.

The Russian Santa Claus was seen dancing and running around with children that came to see him at a point fell backwards. Observers thought it was one of his stunts until after some minutes he couldn’t stand again. Valery Titenko, 67-years was rushed to the hospital and died on the way.

According to the spokesperson at the Musical theatre of Kuzbass where the incident took place, said Mr. Valery was complaining of chest pain and was given a day off but insisted on performing in other not to disappoint the children.

“He had been through complicated heart surgery, but still performed on the stage and had been working at full capacity, not sparing himself”. He said.

People received the news of his death with mixed feelings as he gave his life to make children happy in event of Christmas. He is been called a hero for this singular act.

How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died

How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died

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