On Wednesday, 16th of January, President Muhammadu Buhari launched a new enhanced security Nigerian passport with 10 years validity. The new red diplomatic passport was launched at an emergency Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja Nigeria. The electronic international passport was presented to President Buhari. By Mohammed Babandebe, the Controller-General of Nigerian immigration service and minister of interior, Abdulrahman Dambazzau. There are 25 differences between the old and new e-passport: According to Babandebe;

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In a separate interview with newsmen, the NIS spokesperson Sunday James, said the bearers of the old passport should continue usage. Collection of the new passport will commence in Abuja on Monday 4th March 2019, Lagos on March 25th, Kano on April 1st, and United Kingdom April 15. Other parts of the country will start issuance from April 29th.


“A 32 page new passport with 5 years validity period goes for 25,000 naira in Nigeria and $130 abroad. A 65 page passport with validity period of 5 years goes for 30,000 naira in Nigeria and $150 abroad and that a 64 page passport with 10 years validity period goes for 70,000 naira in Nigeria and $230 abroad.”
The old and new passport will work concurrently until they are gradually replaced.”

He said.
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The enhanced e-passport has few differences from the old passport, making it more safe and easy for the people;


•Ten years validity passport:the validity of both passports is the same. The number of pages is the only difference.

For visa, a passport with 36 pages now has 31 with immigration stamp. A passport with 60 pages has 55 pages for visa and immigration stamp.


•Enhanced and self tracking of application: it secures the passport from reproduction and tampering, which provides travelers with automated border clearance.

•Express center for urgent applications: it helps with faster clearance at the point of entry and exit.

•Polycarbonate technology that eliminates damage: it has enhanced security features which save Nigerians in time of frequent visit to Nigeria.

•Weather friendly: it allows the people to travel in a good weather, making them feel comfortable and safe.

•Compliance with the latest ICAO (international civil aviation organization) standards: the e-passport database is most reliable source of data for criminal investigation.

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