Naming Ceremony Messages {Wishes, Quotes & Congratulation SMS}


With a baby born, it is a parent’s start to a new life too. This life is filled with happiness and hardships. Every parent wants to make their newborn’s everyday memorable. They want to celebrate every bit of it.

A naming ceremony is an important occasion in parents’ life. They want to celebrate this happy occasion with friends and family. Friends and family too love to be a part of this great happiness.

Tell them you are really happy for them and congratulate them. If you are in trouble to find sincere and heartfelt words for congratulation messages, you can get help from these naming ceremony wishes.


Naming Ceremony Wishes

1. May your child be blessed and protected by God’s wonderful love. Congratulations!

2. Just like the name, your child is truly a blessing to you and to us all. Congratulations!


3. Today is special among other days. Congratulations to your family on this naming day.

4. A name so special and so sweet is just as perfect for a lifetime to keep. Congratulations!


5. I wish you a life filled with blessings and happiness. Congratulations on your naming day!

6. Thinking of you on your very special day. With lots of love, Your Godmother.


7. Hugs, kisses, and best wishes. Congratulations on your naming day, Baby (name).

8. Congratulations on your naming day, Baby (name). May your life be filled with lots of love and happiness.

9. Congratulations on your baby’s naming ceremony. Thank you for inviting us to this wonderful occasion.

10. Congratulations on this first milestone of your life. May you experience the joys of life to the fullest!

11. All the best to Baby (name) and the family. May your life be full of memories to cherish.

12. Blessings and love come to your on this wonderful day and for your whole life through, Baby (name).

13. May this day be the start of a faithful life and lasting faith in God. Congratulations!

14. Congratulations on your naming day. May today be as special as all the days of your life.

15. Wishing you and your baby all the best that life can give. Congratulations!

16. Best wishes on your naming day! May all of God’s blessings and love follow you during this special time.

17. Congratulations on your baby’s naming ceremony. I am sure you have decided on a beautiful name for your baby. Have a nice naming ceremony!

18. May God look down on you, and keep you safely in his loving arms on this special day and always. Wish for everything good!

19. I’m wishing your entire family all the best on this special cradle ceremony. May your child always walk in the company of angels.

20. Shine bright little angel and never outgrow your cuteness! May your life be filled with love and laughter. Best wishes on your naming ceremony and always.

21. I just want to say congratulations. Your baby is so beautiful. Have a wonderful naming ceremony.

22. Thank you so much for inviting me to your baby’s naming ceremony. I will be really happy to attend the beautiful ceremony. May God bless your family.

23. As you name your child, may her life be filled with joy and happiness. May God give her all the success of this world. And Congratulations!

24. First of all, God bless your newborn. May God protect this baby from every bad thing in this world. Congratulations on being parents and best wishes for the naming ceremony.

25. The moment I heard about your baby’s naming ceremony, I became really happy. My excitement has no bound at all. I can’t wait to hold him in my arms. Thank you so much for inviting me.

Naming Ceremony Messages for a Baby Boy

1. Warm congratulations to my lovely niece. May your name give you an unforgettable identity.

2. I’m sending my best wishes along with hugs and kisses to a handsome little man on his naming ceremony. Celebrating you!

3. Hi {Name}! Just a little reminder to let you know, I’ll be here for you as you bloom and grow. Congrats!

4. Sending lots of wishes and love to your little baby boy. May God bless your little man. May you have a wonderful naming ceremony.

5. Happy naming ceremony to the sweet baby, may you get everything in life that your parents have dreamed of. And may your name help you conquering every hurdle coming your way.

6. You have brought tremendous happiness in our life, may you outshine in every walk of your life and people remember your name for decades. Happy naming ceremony.

7. This is the first big event of your life. Today you are getting your identity that is your name. May you live life like a rock star.

8. The name gives an identity to the soul and so it is a milestone day for a child. I am wishing the lovely baby, ‘Have a happy life’

9. I am so happy that today your son is getting his name. I know you must have chosen the best name for him. Happy naming day.

10. May God bless your little man. We are so happy and excited to be a part of his naming ceremony. Let’s enjoy this day together.

11. Treasure every moment of this day in your heart. It is the best day of your life. Enjoy it to the fullest. Best wishes for his naming ceremony.

12. My warmest congratulations on your son’s naming ceremony. I hope this day be filled with happiness. Happy wishes to you and your family!

13. I hope this little baby boy will bring great happiness to you and your family. I want to send lots of love and best wishes to you on this beautiful day.

14. Today I would know by what name I shall call your baby. I know you must have selected the best name for him, only desperate to know. Happy naming ceremony.

15. Wishing you all the best at the beginning of your new start. I hope this little man brings you happiness and blessings. Congratulations! Have a wonderful naming ceremony.

Naming Ceremony Messages for a Baby Girl

1. Warm wishes to the baby girl. Dying to hear her name. Happy naming ceremony to the little angel and her parents.

2. To the new bundle of joy, get ready to be spoiled! Warm wishes to the baby girl and the lucky parents too.

3. Girl, you’re going to get a name so sweet just as cute as yourself. May your life be filled with cute drools and adorable giggles. Wishing you the best.

4. No wonder your baby girl is so beautiful, she really looks like a beauty queen. Congratulations on her naming ceremony.

5. As God has blessed you with a princess, I hope your daughter grows up as a beautiful woman. I wish you have a nice naming ceremony!

6. May your girl get the warmth of her parents to love from all walks of life. May she grow as a great personality and her name make her proud of her.

7. The result of your love is now a part of your life. May God bless your baby with all the happiness of this world. I am excited about her naming ceremony.

8. Your newborn baby girl is a perfect bundle of happiness. Her name totally resembles her characteristics. Congratulations on her naming ceremony.

9. As your little one will get her name today, I wish, her name gives her the identity your dream of while naming her. Happy naming ceremony.

10. I wish you the best things for your little girl. She is as sweet as her name is. Congratulations on her naming ceremony. Enjoy this day to the fullest with your family.

11. The name of the baby is very cute, we know how much you worked for it. But the final result is excellent. Happy naming ceremony to you and your baby.

12. The little girl must be proud of their parents as they tried really hard to get the best name for her. Happy naming ceremony to you and lots of wishes to the baby.

13. Your baby looks like a princess and for sure she will be turned as a beautiful woman. May God bless her beautiful life. Happy naming ceremony to her.

14. Not all the treasure shines, some treasure brings happiness to your life too. Congratulations on your little girl’s naming ceremony. Protect her and give her all the love of this world.

15. Happy naming ceremony to the little princes. We are extremely we didn’t come for the naming ceremony. I know you all must have enjoyed the ceremony and the company of the little angel.

Naming Ceremony Messages for Twins

1. God has given you joy in bundle, it is good to see you enjoying the motherhood. Happy naming ceremony to the lovely twins.

2. Finding good names for children is no less than searching a pearl in the ocean. The name of twins is cute and may they become cutter as they grow.

3. With two babies in, your house will be full of giggles and I wish it stays forever. Happy naming ceremony dear.

4. So happy to hear the beautiful names of your babies. I am sure they will turn as beautiful as their names.

5. It is hard to become the parent of twins. But you managed everything so effortlessly. Wishing lots of happiness to you and your baby. Happy naming ceremony.

6. Lots of love and wishes to lovely babies and happy naming ceremony to them. The day is a big one for both babies and parents, so congrats to the whole family.

7. Congratulations to the life’s one-plus-one-free offer on their naming ceremony. May God bless you both and grant you a long life.

8. Twins! Sometimes miracles come in pairs. Your double bundle of joy is oozing with cuteness! Take my heartiest congratulations on their naming ceremony!

9. Congratulations on being a parent of two angels. I hope your days will be filled with great happiness. I wish you a warm naming ceremony.

10. As God has blessed you with twins, I hope your life fills up with double happiness. Congratulations on your twin’s naming ceremony. Have a nice day!

11. I wish your house be filled with cute giggles and playful moments. Congratulations on your twins naming ceremony.

12. I am so happy to know both of their names. They are as beautiful as their names. I wish you a nice naming ceremony.

13. Being a parent is hard but being a parent of twins, I can’t even imagine how much hard work it takes. Best of luck and congratulations on your baby’s naming ceremony.

14. It is so pretty to see babies lying silently on the cot. Taking them in lap and kissing their forehead. Lots of wishes to babies who have got their name.

15. May your babies become as beautiful as their names. Get lots of recognition and fame. Happy naming ceremony to babies and her parents.


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