Meet 19-year-old blogger who bought 2 cars for her parents.

Photos of a teenage blogger recently went viral on social media for buying 2 expensive cars for her parents. Priscilla Emasoga is into Cryptocurrencies  and she owns a blog as well. Cryptocurrency is an asset/coin digitally designed to be used as medium of exchange in virtual market transaction. Meet 19-year-old blogger who bought 2 cars for her parents.


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Priscilla is a determined hustler and motivation to younger bloggers. Her Cryptocurrency trading has brought her fame and riches as she was seen travelling outside the country couple of time to attend meetings and seminars, as she has served as a consultant.


In a bid to appreciate the roles her parents play in bringing her up, she bought 2 exotic cars for them on the same day.


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She wrote;

19-years ago they brought me into this world. They worked day and night to put food on the table and made sure I never lacked the necessary things in life. Today am returning that favour. Two new rides for my favorite people in this world. Thank you for taking care of me Mum and Dad??

Thank God for Grace?.

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