List of Goals to Set for Yourself.


List of Goals to Set for yourself is the most issue which timing youths raise. Years back when I turned 25 I asked myself certain questions which helped me with the ideas am about to share with you. You should understand that you only live once. Each year we keep celebrating our birthdays, and that used to be one of the best days of the year. Birthdays make us feel happier and special. Life is sweet and should be enjoyed while it last. People live their lives without intention and that’s why I’m writing this article on List of Goals to Set for Yourself.  Putting these things into practice will help you live happier and grow wonderfully.

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List of Goals to Set for Yourself

Get the body type you want

learn to exercise regularly for this will make you look smart, healthy and free. Hit the gym, make it happen. Join gym club for motivation, jog, and swim, take a long walk, and keep fit. Every man is always proud of his egg plant and six packs.


Learn to say No

the truth is, you can’t please everyone, know your limits and know things you can’t do. There are people that are too good and they can never say No to certain request, and they end up living a sad life.  Teach people you’re not a stooge, being too good is not good for your mental health. Add this to List of Goals to Set for Yourself.


Learn to keep to time

being late always to events is a bad impression and this can go as long as reducing respect people have for you. No matter how prompt the schedule is, try to meet up with time.  Keeping to time is part of becoming an adult. Imagine keeping a friend waiting for one hour on your first date, it’s not a good sign bro.


Stop having roommates

At 30 or so, you should live on your own, have apartment you call your own. Starting life is never easy but at the end its part of stories to tell. Living alone will boost your self-confidence and help you discover yourself. Enjoy the moment and develop yourself.

Look after your appearance

learn to dress well, for this is how people will rate you. Know that you’re an adult, learn to dress like one. Mind what you wear understand what to wear to what occasion. Take care of your skin, fix your hair always.


Learn to drive

list of goals to set for yourself

At this age you ought to have a driver’s license. But it’s okay if you don’t how to drive by now. Think of emergency, where you are in a situation to save a life but because you lack driving skills, things went awful. Click here for how to learn new things every day.  Remember you will have kids and will need a car. Driving is a good skill to have.

Learn to cook delicious meals

eating a balanced diet will help you get the body type you want. Learning to cook for yourself is a great thing as you don’t depend on junks. Cooking for yourself saves money.


Learn to be happy without alcohol

one thing you cannot take away from adults is alcohol. Taking some liquor in social gathering or while hanging out with friends is not a bad thing to do, drink responsibly. Be happy and enjoy the moment, be courageous and focused.

Travel and tell no one

list of goals to set for yourself


At this age, you should be able to do certain things independently without seeking people’s approval. Travelling is a way of exploring life, leaving your country to see how things are done in another country is a great feeling. In 2016, I travelled to Cameroon, and it was a successful trip. I had a chat with the villagers, ate their food, drunk their liquor and learnt some of their cultures. Travel solo, experience life I another environment.

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Create your life goals

having life goals will help you understand what you want out of life, when and how to achieve them. I created mine years ago and it’s helpful. Two years down the line I’m almost done with goals I set for five (5) year.  Make your life goals simple and achievable. Make it long term and short term. List things you have to be doing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, all towards achieving you life goals.

We have clearly stated List of Goals to Set for Yourself and we hope it was helpful. Feel free to reach us using the comment box below.


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