Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

By Miss Chisom Agbo.

Female hairstyle is the most reoccurring fashion in the society today. In this article, we shall be discussing about latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria. Ladies are seen wearing different hairstyles for different reasons. No matter what reason it is, it’s all about looking good.

Putting on a good dress, cool footwear, and a handbag to match is good. But without a good hairstyle to complement your fashion is like you’re not dressed. Africans are known to be fashionable when it comes to hair styling. There is countless number of styles and more are coming out yearly.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Sometimes the only reason why ladies are considered low and given differential range is because of how they package their hair. Among all the packaging and decorating you will do this holiday, the last thing to worry about is your hair. Naijanest is here to give you less stressful hairstyle and you will be set to stun for the season.

Side parting weavon style is always eye catching for the fact that it gives a classy look to you. The rate at which ladies go for this style nowadays looks amazing. Side parting look real good on ladies with oblong type of head. Wondering how old your face will look this holiday, check out this style and your groom will come knocking.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria                                Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Giving yourself a classic ponytail this season is something a young lady would not miss. You don’t need to spend much on ponytail, adding a spray shampoo gives it a perfect touch. Celebrity hairstylist like Kristin ESS, Riawna Capri, and Castillo Bataile have done justice to classic ponytails. Going for a wedding this season why not give ponytail a try and your look will be too glam.


the sweet curls gives you a perfect look for a bride to be. Wondering why you always look tattered with your hair on every holiday because of harmattan. Try this touch of girly wave with a lot of curls and you will look classy. Going out for occasions this season, why not try our listed hairstyle and wow to the amazement of on lookers. After makeup and all that without a nice and clean hair you will be accorded 0% on your outfit. Give in all your best to look good with all these perfect and stunning styles.



Hausa’s are one of the major tribes in Nigerian. They are popularly known because of their simple lifestyle and their beautiful girls. There is different hairstyle which is trendy in Nigeria hairstyle fashion today namely;





Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Many of these hairstyles have been seen on some celebrities including Dija, Simi, Yemi Alade, etc. for instance ‘the Patewo’ takes the shape of two hands holding each other. It literally means clap your hands. The Suku is so popular and common in Nigeria. It is formed with a thick braid pack on the back side of the head.



This is one of the hairstyles that is simple and can bring out the beauty in every lady. It is easy to do, just prepare your hair like you do for other back braids. Divide the hair into three (3) sections at the center. Join additional hair for styling. To style French braid properly, cross the section in the opposite direction.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

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