Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku Hairstyles in 2023


Cornrows have been at the top of the trends in recent times and anyone without prior knowledge about cornrows would have thought that it is a new hairstyle because of its popularity young community. However, it is important to note that cornrows have been available for years now and have dominated the scene. This largely has to do with its simplicity and versatility.  

Out of the many cornrows available, Ghana Shuku Weaving Style is one of the most popular out there.  This hairstyle has so many features that stand it apart from the rest. 

This post would do well to list out some of the latest Ghana shuku weaving styles of 2023 that you would love. All you have to do is walk with us to the end. 


What About the Ghana Shuku Weaving Style?

This is one of the most popular cornrow styles and it has gone ahead to be many people’s favorite. 


The Ghana shuku weaving style implies braiding the hair to form a hump at the top of the head. This style breathes out class and makes it more pleasing to the eyes compared to other styles of cornrows. If you have short natural hair, then this is the best protective hairstyle for you. 

The unique thing about Ghana shuku weaving hairstyle is that you can also compliment the hair with various braid colors and when to add beads to make the hair more stunning. If you want the braids to be bigger, you can add synthetic hairs to that effect. 


Latest Ghana Weaving Shuku Style in 2023

The Ghana shuku weaving hairstyle has so many variations. There  are many trending Ghana weaving shuku styles of 2023 that you will love and this post would do well to discuss these amazing hairstyles below:


Hourglass Cornrows

This is one of the best and most unique Shuku weaving hairstyles that you would never regret trying. This involves a mix of thin, thick, and zig-zag styles of cornrows. You can choose between leaving it as a bun or allowing it to cascade freely once you are done. 

Stunning Ombre Effect

This hairstyle requires you to form a style of one thick cornrow and two thin cornrows. To finalize the hairstyle, all you have to do is tie braids together at the center and allow cascade to the back. 

The Touch of Royalty 

This is for those who love thick cornrows. The hair would be left hanging at the end without a hump. 

Play it Safe with a Golden Touch

To plait this shuku hairstyle, you will have to mix both thick and thin cornrows. You can make the hairstyle more appealing by plaiting a thin braid at the opposite side of your face so that they cascade freely to the sides of your face. 

Stunning Feed-in Braids

This is one of the best Shuku hairstyles out there. To make this style, you will have to combine very thick cornrows with thin ones. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it doesn’t take long to complete, which makes it one of the women’s favorite.  


The Ghana Shuku Weaving Styles in 2023 are one of the best cornrows out there. It is not surprising that it is the women’s favorite for ages now. 


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