How to Watch IrokoTv Movies On TV – Full Guide Lines

Over the years, one can only watch the movies and series from IrokoTV on their phone devices. But today, I want to show you How To Watch IrokoTv Movies On TV.

Yes. You can watch movies and series from IrokoTV on your television at home. Someone is thinking that’s impossible right? Well, IMPOSSIBLE means I’M POSSIBLE. What about perspectives?

IrokoTV is one of the best-known online video/movie streaming apps. Watch most movies and you will see the IrokoTV logo encrusted on it. They must be doing something quite good to be patronized so much.

But, that isn’t what you came to see. Or is it? Of course not. You are reading because you want to know How To Watch IrokoTv Movies On TV. So, let’s see how.

How To Watch IrokoTv Movies On TV

Now, here is the bone of the business. To watch the irokotv movies on TV, there are two major devices you will need.

  1. The Irokotv app
  2. An Android TV box.

What Is A TV Box?

A TV box, also known as set-top box (STB). It is a device that connects a TV to an external source signal, compressing digital signal into TV content in a form that can be displayed on the TV screen.

TV box receives the images and sounds provided by analog TV and the digital content which include electronic program guides, Internet pages, subtitles, etc.

It enables users to view digital TV programs on existing televisions and engaging in interactive digital entertainment, education, and commercial activity through the network.

These are devices in the shape of a small box. Most are no more than 5 inches wide and two inches tall, and some are much smaller than that. These small TV boxes can turn any TV into a smart TV with a wide range of options. They allow users to stream movies or TV shows from their favorite streaming sites, such as Netflix, Youtube, Genesis, Hulu, etc.

How does TV box work?

Before using a TV box, you should connect it to a TV and then setup to the internet via Ethernet cable or WiFi. After a box is connected to a TV, and the internet, apps can be installed.

Android is the most used operating system for a TV box. It runs on ARM-based processors which makes it portable to any device that runs the same hardware but gives better input and output options. The TV boxes can output HDMI to TV, giving users an excellent HD viewing experience. They also can use remote control, keyboard, or mouse for input.

How To Download IrokoTV App On Television

We have stated that you will need the IrokoTV app. But, since we cannot download the application on your TV, we will be using something like a middleman; which is the TV box. So, how do we go about that?

For the article, we will make use of the X96 Mini TV Box. The guide will be similar with other TV boxes. Just make your choice. Good to go?

  1. Turn on the X96 mini TV box and then connect it to your TV using the HDMI cable in the box.
  2. When it loads fully, open the Google Play Store Application.
  3. Ggo up and click on the search bar and type iRokotv. In case the directional buttons on your remote control do not let you get to the search bar, then switch to the mouse (cursor) control option. To do that, tap on the mouse icon button on the remote control.
  4. When the IROKOtv application displays, then click on install.

How To Install?

After the download is done, you will receive a note that will ask you whether you want to install or Done. You should select install.

After installing, then click Open.

How To Use the app?

The application will show up in a portrait mode.

  1. At this junction, you cannot make use of the directional control.
  2. Therefore, you should change to mouse control and work with the mouse control.
  3. Insert your login information as you would on the mobile application.
  4. A code will be sent to your device which will give you the access to enter in.
  5. Hurray! You are done! Just start streaming your favorite movies and series on the television.

As you have seen, anyone (that starts from you), can watch the IrokoTV movies on TV. Just follow all the guidelines we stated on How To Watch IrokoTv Movies On TV. Thanks and remain blessed!!!

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