A lot of people are in a haste to own an agency without considering if it will grow vast or stand out among other pageantry.

Once they make a little money they kick off immediately, In fact I must say majority of brand owners do not know the secret of been the best among others they only create one because they see others are moving without knowing the secrets behind it.

So, in this article I will outline tips on how to make your pageantry stand out and also the important things to put into consideration before starting a pageantry agency…….
It’s short and simple but you will make something out of it


1) REGISTRATION UNDER CAC; Get a name for your beauty pageant business and register under “Corporate affairs commission” (CAC)

The sole responsibility of CAC is to regulate the formation and management of companies in Nigeria.
Normally, before you get people to pay or have a business deal with you they will have to confirm if the brand is registered under CAC if it is not they see it as though it is a fraud or poor business using people to make money.

2) CAPITAL; do you have enough capital for this, it needs a whole lot of money before you could think of starting one.

Think about the kind of money the event will consume, it’s not something of 500,000 or 1 million but people kick off with the mindset they will gather enough money when the lay start which is not true.

You will have to spend before the business gains ground.
This business is not for Baby sitters, take it serious.

3) BOARD COMMITTEES/ TRUSTEES; these are groups that will work with you to make it grow you should select a standard committee that are ready to do their functions.

People you can entrust your funds to if the need arises.
“Your board committees must be willing, dedicated, 
diligent and reliable.

  • Your board committee should have
  • The social media aide
  • Catwalk instructor
  • Physical trainers
  • Presenters
  • Dance instructors
  • Costume manager
  • Photographer
  • Interviewers

You can still organize modeling classes. Get the right committees. They should be ever ready to give you the best they must be good organizers and coordinators.

4) PUBLICITY; You spend to get the best, creating awareness could make you spend a lot.

Creating awareness is one major factor that could make you get connected with different brands including people that will pick interest in your pageant.

You can promote your pageantry business on social media, Radio stations, Tv stations e.t.c. By advertising what your brand is all about (your content).

5) SPONSORSHIP; if you have the right content, you can attract sponsors that will support and fund your pageantry business. Having sponsors draws crowd.

People would love to know who your sponsors are they always want to know the brands that supported you. It’s one of the things that show it’s moving forward.

Meet the right sponsors and also create contents that can connect you to the right people.

In conclusion, it’s not just about being the CEO of pageantry, are you ready to build it to the right standard.

This should be your focal point be ready to improve and initiate new contents. Do ensure to correct mistakes that could lead to bringing down your business.

There are pageantry businesses that still stand out till today the likes of; 
Miss Nigeria
Miss Earth Nigeria
Miss Candy City
Queen of Emerald, Nigeria
Magnificent face of Nigeria e.t.c……
Try reaching out to them and know the secret behind their success.

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