Following the continuous voter registration (CVR) which took place in August 2018. It’s necessary that you’d want to know if your pvc is ready for collection in your local governments. And other designated centers which will take place between January through February, 2019. It is evident that the election is almost here. While we’re waiting for it, it’s necessary that you check if your pvc is ready or to locate your pvc.

This post is a step by step guide on how to check if your pvc is ready for the upcoming elections. And everything you need to know about your pvc.The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is doing everything possible to ensure that every validly registered voter gets his or her permanent voters card(pvc). This is to enable them to vote come February and March 2019. They have made it easier for voters to get their pvc, by infusing a voter status verification system on her official website where you can check your pvc location and if it’s ready.



To check if your pvc is ready, follow this process:

* Identify where exactly your ward is located for the collection of your pvc by filling the online form provided by INEC ( here.

You can locate your pvc in two ways

1. Using your polling unit (PU) number

2. Using your ward or polling unit description

To locate your pvc using your polling unit (PU) number


Enter the PU number provided on your temporary voters card(TVC) number in the ‘PU number search form’ click “Find my pvc” to view the pickup location for your pvc.

To locate your pvc using your ward or polling unit description

* Select your state and L.G.A where you registered if you know your ward, select it from the drop down. If you don’t know your ward, click on the check box and you can enter a keyword of your polling unit. Click “ Find my pvc” to view the pickup location for your pvc.

You can make use of the above steps if you don’t have your TVC.

With the above steps, you can find the location of your PVC and your eligibility to vote. I hope you find this post helpful. And you can be able to locate your PVC and check if your pvc is ready.



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