How I Solved Ads.txt “Earnings At Risk” In 10 Seconds.


How I Solved Ads.txt “Earnings At Risk”: welcome to this brief tutorial on how to solve earnings at risk, which is the recent warning that googles sent to AdSense users to checkmate/regulate various ads on each site.

If you’re reading, it means you understand how important your Adsense earnings are to your blogging career. In this tutorial, I will be brief in describing how I resolved the issue of Adsense earnings at risk one or more of your site does not have an ads.txt file.

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fix this now to avoid a severe impact on your revenue. Believe it or not, if you can’t solve the issue above. It will adversely affect your earnings throughout the periods that the message is still showing on your AdSense account. In this article. I will be sharing two different alternatives you can use to resolve earnings at risk.


Use Ads.txt Manager Plugin By 10Up To Solve Earnings At Risk

Earnings At Risk

This awesome plugin will just do the job for you, all you need do is;

  1. Login to your dashboard (WordPress)
  2. Hover over a plugin, and click on “Add New”
  3. Go to the search button and type in “Ads.txt manager  by 10up
  4. Install and then Active
  5. Now, go to your dashboard, hover over settings and click on Ads.txt option ( under privacy)
  6. Copy-paste the message you got after clicking the link LEARN MORE on your AdSense, ( it looks like “google.com, pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 “)
  7. edit the text and add your AdSense pub ID in the area with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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Fix Earnings At Risk On Your Cpanel

  1. log in to your AdSense account and click on LEARN MORE option
  2. follow the instructions on the next page to resolve Earning at risk.
  3. now, use a text editor on your computer e.g “Notepad” to submit the Ads.txt file
  4. copy the text that looks like google.com, pub-00000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 on the instruction page
  5. paste it on the text editor (Notepad)
  6. Copy your pub ID on your AdSense account and replace the Pub-0000000000000 above.
  7. login to your Cpanel account
  8. Locate file manager and click public_html
  9. look upon the dashboard, locate and click UPLOAD
  10. copy the text on your text editor, paste, and click save.
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It takes time for Google to crawl your update, so you need to give them like 24hrs. If after 24hrs  Earnings at risk is still showing on your AdSense, you need to exercise some patience for like 4-5 days and then check back.


Google sent this warning to purely identify who (webmasters) has the leverage to sell their inventory. Hope this article was useful to you, in case you experience any issue while fixing the Earnings at risk, contact us using the comment box below. Based on How I Solved Ads.txt “Earnings At Risk” In 10 Seconds.



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