Here in this article, I have prepared for you all that you will need on how to be successful in job interview. Going for a job interview can be so demanding and stressful at the same time because, you have lots of things to do and also research to conduct about the job specification and little history of the company. If it is your first time preparing for an interview, I urge you to read this post till the end.

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Do not show them you are desperate, you must not get the job. Learn how to accept rejection and move on. Experience is the best teacher, you have learned from the interview and you should know its part of building yourself.

Too much expectation kills some of you wait on the email/call like your life depends on it. Some of you will go to the extent of bribing the staff or interviewer into employing you as one of their staff and if it doesn’t work the way you expected you end up misbehaving, insulting or abusing the staff/interviewer.

This is totally wrong and unacceptable; most job seeking means moving on. Keep practicing and doing more interview. You can use that time for other valuable things, seek for other job opportunities you can’t be jobless forever. Be determined, you will get one on a very good day.


Do not interrupt your interviewer when he is speaking. Your interviewer is the leader so let him take the lead, do not interrupt him.

Some of us out of excitement and the spirit of being prepared for the interviewer feel bossy and talk without allowing the interviewer to talk or raise a point.

Just keep in mind that during the interview you are not meant to talk too much. Your priority should be on getting prepared for the question that may be thrown at you.

You are there for him to ask question and you providing answers to his questions, instead of rambling words with him or interrupting him without allowing him to finish. Stay silent and calculate the best way to provide answers to questions.

Your response to the question is your own way of selling yourself to the interviewer as the best personnel for the interview.

Stay silent and listen to whatever the interviewer is meant to say, you can wait for 2-3seconds before you say something if you still do not understand his question do ensure to ask him to repeat what he said.


Sit up straight. This is part of what the recruiter look out for, sit with your back straight, shoulders back and face up.

Then lean forward, you can rest your hands on your laps, the chair’s armrest or you can Cross your legs to your ankles.

Doing this tells the interviewer you are paying attention and fully following in what he is saying.


Do check out videos or articles on “How to eat” at a restaurant or during a public event/gathering, it is called “table manner”.

It is part of what you will need at a job interview, whether eating snacks, food, taking water or other drinks you should learn the best way to eat and drink.

You are not meant to reject any eatable and drinkable the interviewer passes to you. Take it and appreciate, you never can tell if your interview may be conducted over a meal.

Drinking or eating can buy you more time during the interview, it can also serve as a way of helping you think and formulate answers to question that the interviewer asked you.


You should know the necessity of putting a pen and professional note pad in your portfolio, it is meant for jotting down points and necessary questions to ask your interviewer or for later referencing.

Going for a job interview is open for you to jot down points and ask questions about the company as well as the position you wish to occupy.

Taking notes and asking questions shows you are interested in the company and you are doing so to gain clarification about things you are confused about.


Always greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and thank them for their time.

You can express gratitude by giving them a written thank you note, thank you card and you can also send a thank you letter through email.

DO NOT go to the extent of buying them gifts, it’s a sign you are desperate and want to bribe them. The aforementioned ones are very much OK.

It pays to be Graceful in your behaviour. Whichever places you find yourself no matter the situation make it a point of duty and way of life to be the best you can be in your behaviour.

I do hope this post motivates the person reading this. Let’s hear from you, use the comment bow below.

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