Happy Sunday Messages, Wishes, and Prayers


Sunday is a day of rest in most Western countries, as a part of the weekend and weeknight. It is also a day of chill-out with plenty of laughter and fond memories with your loved ones.

As many may say, what other better way to get going than to inspire a loved one, family member or friends, show them you care by sending them a message this Sunday to get them on the way.

However, if you really want to make your love once feel your heart beat from your words, indeed you need to pick any of this unique Happy Sunday Messages compiled by a romantic doctor and send to him or her now and just wait for the romantic reaction imminently.


Happy Sunday Messages for your Boyfriend

1. Sending you warm wishes this beautiful Sunday morning from a heart filled with love. May this day be a fore-taste of a great week ahead. Happy Sunday, my love.

2. I wish you were right here with me so I could look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you. This will have to do for now. Happy Sunday darling, have a blissful week ahead.


3. May this Sunday usher in for you, a week of greatness and manifold blessings. May you be satisfied with all that your heart desires. Have a blissful Sunday.

4. Love is the greatest gift of love. Thank you for loving me so specially and tenderly. Here’s letting you know you’re in my thoughts this beautiful Sunday morning. Happy Sunday.


5. May your Sunday be as beautiful as you make my life. May good and lovely things come your way today. No one deserves it more than you. Happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Messages for your Girlfriend

1. May the angels be at attention to grant every of your heart desires, today and always. Happy Sunday my love.


2. I’ve got your back baby. Go into the new week and be the best you can be. No holding back baby, go for gold. Happy Sunday.

3. This thing I feel for you, is the most beautiful feeling ever. I’m certain you’re the one I want to spend all of my life with. May your Sunday be as beautiful as you have made my life.

4. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be praying for you today just as I know you’ll be for me. God bless our home always.

5. I’m thankful for so many things in life. I’m thankful especially for the gift of your love which has brought bliss into my life. Happy Sunday my love.

Happy Sunday Messages for your Wife

1. Hey sweetie! Here’s a quick one, I love you this beautiful Sunday morning as always. I can’t get you out of my mind, baby. Have a wonderful day.

2. Your love fills my heart, your thoughts fill my head. You do things to me no one else is capable of doing. I love you my lady.

3. May the angels be at attention to grant every of your heart desires, today and always. Happy Sunday my love.

4. May all your prayers this morning, ascend to heaven and receive speedy answers. I love you now as always, darling. Have a pleasant Sunday.

5. Nothing comes close to the way I feel about you. You’re the fire in my bones darling. May your Sunday be as beautiful as the sunshine you’ve brought into my life. Good morning.

Happy Sunday Messages for your Husband

1. The last day of the week is the day that should throw all your troubles away. May delight be the only feeling that stays in your home today.

2. Admire each second of your life and all the days, just like the one today. No day can be lived twice, so appreciate what you have and take time to thank the ones near you for all their care.

3. The last day of the week has everything for every person to make them happy. Open your eyes widely and see all the presents you get to have. Brighten up and embrace the beautiful day.

4. You don’t know what destiny has prepared for you. Sometimes the challenges seem unbearable, but there is nothing you can deal with as a human and as a man. So take time this Lord’s Day to pray. And may the strength come to you.

5. The holy Sunday should only be met with a bright smile. Throw away the extreme fear that keeps you behind, and open your heart for new opportunities!

Happy Happy Messages for your Dad

1. To the best dad ever, the dad who has our back always; whose love and support is always guaranteed, I love you dad and I wish you a happy Sunday.

2. This Morning, I woke up reflecting on how much love I have received from you over the years. You’re outstanding dad and no one can take your place in my heart. Happy Sunday dad.

3. As you kneel in prayer today before the Almighty, may every of your heart desire be granted. May all your prayers receive speedy answers. Happy Sunday dad.

4. My worthy role model, a man I am proud to call father. May all things work together for your good today and always. Happy Sunday.

5. With you, daddy, I have known the sacrificial love of a father. I am grateful for how you’ve been there for me all through the years and I’m taking out this time to wish you a happy Sunday.

Happy Sunday Messages for your Mom

1. Here’s wishing the best mum in the whole wide world a beautiful Sunday. May this Sunday be as lovely as you make all our lives.

2. This Sunday calls to mind other beautiful Sundays gone by. You’re special mummy and nothing can take your place in my heart. Have a beautiful day.

3. Your sacrificial love inspires us to be our best always. There’s no one I’d rather have as my mother. You’re the best, mummy and I love you so much. Happy Sunday ma.

4. May your heart desires be granted as you whisper them into God’s ears today. Happy Sunday mummy.

5. Your love and support has been my staying power over the years. I just didn’t want another Sunday to go by without letting you know how much you mean to me. Happy Sunday mummy.

Happy Sunday Messages for your Boss

1. Start each day with gratitude instead of disappointment. Sometimes things happen just because they have to be this way.

2. Enjoy the blessed day and take it as an opportunity to finally relax. Here is the blessed day finally arriving.

3. Sometimes you can’t see the benefits of the troubles immediately, but soon you realize that bad things have to happen just like the good ones. Both of them carry their pros and cons. It’s for you to decide how to handle them.

4. This day will be different from all the others you had. Take time to appreciate it and move forward.

5. It’s okay to feel down sometimes. It is okay to cry out loud from laughter as well. Life can’t be only black or white – that is why it is valuable.

Happy Sunday Messages for your Business Partner

1. When it matters most, Draw strength and stand strong like a mountain, never quit standing up for your self always and chasing your dreams until it becomes true. Happy Sunday.

2. This new day, may you be blessed with blessings from above, the kind of blessings that makes everyone gape in awe. Happy Sunday.

3. Having and maintaining a positive state of mind is the best poverty absorber that can be counted upon so wear it as a garment. Happy Sunday.

4. Be good at what you do so much that others derive joy from watching you do it and that is a sure key to success. Happy Sunday.

5. Stand up every day with the determination to achieve a set of goals. It’s by this that a man gets closer to the big dreams. Happy Sunday.


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