Get Well Soon Messages for Friend and Acquaintances

Encourage your sick friend to fast recovery from illness and wish him/her by funny and inspiring get well soon messages and feel better soon wishes!

Doctor’s medicine is important, but sometimes, it’s more important for patients to feel good about themselves! The healing power is often said to be a matter of how you feel.

If you don’t know what to write to wish him or her well, then use one of the suggestions from my list that best suits your feelings for someone who is sick or recovering from an illness.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

1. Get well soon and come back. We are all waiting to know how hospital food tastes like.

2. Hoping for your complete recovery, because I don’t want to come to the hospital for a second time!

3. There is one thing you know better than anyone else – how to get sick. Just joking. Get better soon.

4. You must be enjoying all the attention of people towards you. Get well soon because I need some attention too.

5. If I wish you to get well soon, then I think it wouldn’t be soon enough. That’s why I’m praying for you to get well now!

6. You are the coolest friend among us, so the hottest fever needs to get away to bring you on feet. Come back we will flirt with girls together.

Get Well Soon Messages for Friend in the Hospital

1. Say goodbye to that bout of bad health, and get well soon.

2. We are so eager to have you back with us. Arise and shine and bounce back to life. We wish you a quick return to health.

3. May you enjoy this time off to put your feet up and recover fully. We hope that the next few weeks are filled with lots of rest.

4. Your stay in the hospital is tearing me apart. You are always remembered in my prayers. Please, get well soon!

5. Make sure that you don’t play with the medicines and follow what the doctors tell you! I wish you a complete and speedy recovery!

6. Your continued stay in the hospital has made everyone heartsick at home. I wish you a quick recovery so we can have fun together again.

Inspirational Get Well Soon Messages for Friend

1. I was always inspired by your struggle. You are a warrior. I hope you can fight through your extensive sickness.

2. God will always accompany you to overcome the devils. Your sickness will soon be overcome by your confidence. Get well soon, we miss you, buddy.

3. Keep your worries aside, keep your spirits up. May God sails you to recovery soon. Take care, take rest.

4. Wishing you a speedy recovery dear friend. I pray to God that you feel better through each passing day. Hope you resume your normal life soon.

5. I have never seen a person like you with such willpower. You can overcome this accident and will come back to your feet in no time. Our good wishes are always with you.

6. Among my friends, you are the only friend who always showed good intentions. In your hardest time of sickness may god be with you with all his powers.

Get Well Wishes and Prayers for a Friend

1. Doctors try their best, but God heals. I pray for you every day to get well soon.

2. Seeing you on your sickbed makes me sad. I pray God will grant you good health today and the years to come. I wish you a full recovery from your illness.

3. I’m eager to see you well again. Every day I pray to God to grant you sound health so you can get back on your feet soon.

4. I hope to see you feeling hale and hearty again soon, and I wish you sound health today and years to come. Feel better, my friend.

5. My prayer is that God will heal you miraculously from your illness so that we can share good times once more. Wishing you a speedy recovery, my dear friend.

6. These flowers represent my love for you. I hope they will show you just how much I care about you! I will continue to pray for your speedy recovery. Get well soon!

Get Well Soon Messages for Friend

1. I miss all the fun and the gossips we had together. Get over your sickness and come back among us. Miss you buddy!

2. In your hardest and time, hope and prayer is your best medicine. Have good faith and recover quickly friend.

3. So like girls, germs also find you irresistible. Remove the germs and sickness and get up in your feet.

4. It came to me like bolt from the blue that you had an accident. Here I am with a banquet of flowers in hand and Get Well Soon in the heart.

5. Sending you a handful of chocolates and mindful of prayers for your hardest time in the hospital. Get Well Soon, friend!

6. Never lose hope and the strongest confidence you have in this sick time. You will soon recover. God is always with the bold. Get Well Soon!

7. Boyfriend, without you the office is getting bored. We miss your speeches, smile, and funny deeds! Don’t be upset there. We all are praying for you all the time. Get well soon!

8. Girlfriend, this message is for wishing you a healthy life and fast recovery from this sickness. I hope you’ll get back soon to the office. Stay well!

9. I’m getting jealous! Everyone is busy taking care of you. Please don’t make it long. Get back soon dear. By the way, I miss your presence every moment. Recover soon!

10. You are a winner more than a fighter. We have every reason to believe that you will fight the sickness and come back as a winner. Wish your fast and quick recovery dear!

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