How To Sign Up For Free NETFLIX Account and password


NETFLIX is the new game for movie lovers not only in Nigeria but all over the globe and in this brief tutorial, we shall be educating you free NETFLIX account and password, including other information you will be needing to get started. Presently, NETFLIX is one of the most searched words on Google, because the company gives freedom to movie lovers to watch thousands of movies for as low as $7.99 per month just for their basic plan on either TV, Xbox, mobile device, play station, etc. For our readers hearing of Netflix for the first time, it is ranked number one online video streaming company, with huge fan base across the globe.

As we did in our last post on Best online Streaming services, we urge you to read this article on free NETFLIX account and password till the end as there are many cheats you will be grabbing. In this post, we shall be giving overall rules on how to sign up for NETFLIX, how much it costs to stream videos, their network speed, how to connect Netflix to your TV (very important), how to create NETFLIX account and set password, how to pay for NETFLIX in Nigeria, and lots more.


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Sign Up For NETFLIX Account

Free NETFLIX Account and password


For you to enjoy NETFLIX account, you must follow these simple steps;


How Much Is NETFLIX Account Cost?

There are basically three plans to enjoy in your NETFLIX account, you can choose which ever one that best fit your pocket. The plans include basic plan $7.99 (#2,197.25), standard plan $8.99 (#2,472.25), and premium plan $11.99 (#3,297.25).  As you can see, it is not all that costly to stream on NETFLIX bearing in mind that the cost is for a whole month.


When you compare this with paying for a movie ticket, you are saving a lot of money for yourself. For instance, last time I went to a cinema for the movie “John Wick 3” I paid a thousand Naira for just a movie, which is half of your monthly subscription on NETFLIX. If you have watched John Wick 1 & 2, then you know why I can even pay higher amount to watch the “John Wick 3”.




Would NETFLIX Internet Speed Be Slow?

Free NETFLIX Account and password


When people hear of online streaming in Nigeria, the first question on their lips would be, will the internet speed be fast or slow?. In this section of the article, the speed issue is tackled and this is what we found out. According to Nigerianfounder, they have tried the NETFLIX account online streaming and found out that their internet speed is actually good compared with what network providers in Nigeria present as their internet speed. Internet speed has become an issue in Nigeria as movie lovers only wait till midnight for them to have access to relatively good internet speed to download and/or stream online.



How To Connect NETFLIX To Your TV.

The growth of technology in the world today has gone beyond what it used to be ten years ago. Nowadays, everything has gone smart, smart phones, smart TV, smart car, smarter computer, and the rest. These have come to make life better and simple, and is moving the world around and making it really a small village.


In view of this, you can now stream on different devices for instance you can connect your smart TV direct to your modem and if your TV isn’t a smart one, don’t worry as you can connect your laptop directly to your TV through the HDMI cable. For your smart phone connection to your TV, all you need to do is look for a matching cable and boom, there you go.


How To Pay For NETFLIX In Nigeria.

Free NETFLIX Account and password

Payment has been giving movie lovers serious concern, and we have covered that in this section. To pay for NETFLIX, you can either pay via debit card (master card or visa card) or simply through paypal account. Please note that the first month of using NETFLIX is absolutely free and you can either allow them charge you for subsequent months or cancel it. With this, you don’t to use VPN any longer to trick NETFLIX that you are in USA, just feel free and enjoy your streaming-life.


Thanks for reading though. “John Wick 3” is out, have you watched it yet? If you haven’t then you can stream it on NETFLIX, just by creating a NETFLIX account. Hey there suggestion a movie that have changed your life that you think I should watch by using the comment box. I will go first, have you watched Scent Of A Woman”?

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