Falz just dropped the most controversial and vocal album Nigeria has seen in a long time! Here’s the official review of this monumental work! ”This no be club song, I no come to shout, na real strong matter, I wan talk about”. These simple sentences found in his song  ‘E No Finish’, states with such clarity the intentions of this phenomenal artist. In a time when most Nigerian top artistes are more interested in singing about sex. Money.  And other such trivial issues.  Falz has cemented his place among the musical legends like Fela ,Eedris Abdulkareem, and Asa. Who chose to lend their voices to the social vices plaguing their societies.

The Album begins with an emotionally supercharged track “Johnny”. In the track the artist talks about the wanton loss of lives in the country. “Johnny drop for borno, johny kpai for plateau. Some blame it on religion, some they fight for mallu. (A slang used to refer to a class of Muslim faithfuls)”. In the third track of the album called “hypocrite”,falz collaborates with  demmie vee  to create a perfect a blend of afropop and rap. People just dey act like sey na them be Jesus, people so wicked but they’re so religious”

falz moral instruction review

Fals comes for the every other man in the street for being hypocritical, from the pastor who steals funds, to the gentleman who goes home to beat his wife! From the politician who embezzles money to the voter who recycles Corrupt officials. take our offering, set up  University and your church people can’t  even afford the school fee” In “amen” the artiste calls out the religious men and how corrupt they have become, who extort money from their members for personal  gain.


“Me am not my brother’s keeper ,I no dey send my brother, we  no be from the same mother, na only me come this world” Teaming up with long time friend and producer Cess, Falz creates one of my favorite songs in this work, everyone that listens to this track with an open conscience can relate to the various scenarios painted in the song and agree that one our societies’ biggest issues is our lack of love for the next man.

falz moral instruction review


After all is said and done, Falz ends the album by accepting the fact that he is not perfect and has his own flaws!The legendary Lemi Ghariokwu must be commended for creating another masterstroke in the art cover of the album. One of the greatest feats the artiste achieved in this work was ability to create a uniform theme and texture from the start of the work to the finish, without diverting to an off topic. Also the arrangement of the songs must be commended.

A perfect synergy between the artiste and the producers in this work cannot be overstated, the perfect cutting and sampling of excerpts from various interviews and songs went a long way to further reinforce the theme of the work. However some of the major flaws the album has the unchecked use of vulgar language and diction. This however may be pardonable considering the intent of the artiste to say it the way it was in his heart! (Let’s hope the powers that be think so too!). Also the fact that the album will not be acceptable to every Audience is another issue.

Altogether,  Falz has outdone  himself to create a story for himself that will resonate for years to come! Some of the tracks to watch out for in the album includes “Talk”,”hypocrite”,”paper” and “brothers keeper”. Whats you take on Falz’s album? Let us know using the comment box below.


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