The 2019 general elections are almost here. Time for the over 80 million eligible Nigerian voters to choose their next of leaders is here again. As expected, many well meaning Nigerians will troop down to their respective polling units to vote for their preferred candidates. However, it’s possible for you to vote on the election day and at the end of the day, your vote may be disqualified. So, we’ve put together these few tips to help you make sure your vote count in the forthcoming general elections.


1. Join the queue.

The first thing you have to do when you arrive the polling unit is to join the queue. This is because well meaning Nigerians will come out in their numbers to vote. That means that there might be many people there already by the time you arrive your polling unit. So, for orderliness, it is expected you join the queue. Being on the queue also means you can still cast your vote. If you happen to be on that queue till closing time.



check if your voter’s card is eligible to vote—>HERE

2. Present your PVC to the polling officials

When it gets to your turn on that queue, present your PVC to the polling officials. This is for accreditation and clearance to vote. They will check if the photograph on your PVC match your face. They will check if your name is on the voters’ register for that polling unit. This is to make sure you are in the right polling unit. Also, they’ll mark your appropriate finger with ink. This serves as an indication that you’ve voted. Then the polling officer will stamp and sign the back of the ballot paper, roll it vertically and inwardly to cover the printed area, and give it to you.


3. Identify the party or candidate you want to vote for.

Now that you have the ballot paper, carefully look through it and identify the party logo of candidate you want to vote for. And then head to the voting cubicle. Make sure you have the party logo showing clearly before  you thumbprint. Go through the party logo from start to finish to avoid voting for a party with similar logo. This one of the most difficult process since many people will be there and you may not concentrate. If you’re having eye problem, don’t forget to go their with your reading glasses.


4. Thumbprint once in the right place on your ballot paper.

When you get to the voting cubicle, stain your hand with ink. Then, thumbprint on the carefully identified space for your candidate. You are supposed to thumbprint only once. So make sure you do it correctly. Make sure the ink is not dropping or scattered. Make it clean and hold the paper with your left hand to void the ink touching another place.


5. Your thumbprint should not be outside the space.

This is one mistake people do. If your thumbprint is outside the space for your candidate, it would make the officials to be unsure of who it is you want to vote for. So, make sure you thumbprint is inside the space provided for your candidate only. Don’t let it cross that space as this will mark your vote invalid.



check the inec adhoc staff shortlist—>HERE

6.Do not allow any spill of ink into another space.

Even after being careful not to thumbprint outside the space provided, you also have to watch that ink.Don’t allow excess ink from your thumb (or else where) to spill on any other place on the ballot paper. (refer to no 3 above).


7.Do not leave your ballot paper empty.

You might think anyone who came out to vote would vote. But during counting, some ballot papers are seen to be empty. So, make sure you don’t leave your ballot paper empty. Vote for you candidate.


8. Do not write on your ballot paper

You are not expected to write or make marks on the ballot paper except to thumbprint on any of the provided spaces. The paper is meant for you to thumbprint only and not to do any order thing. Once you write on the paper, your vote is automatically invalid.


9. Do not squeeze your ballot paper.

Do not squeeze or physically deform your ballot paper. After voting, roll it in the same way the official rolled it before giving it to you. So, there you have it. Tips on making your vote count in the forthcoming 2019 elections. Use the voting tips you explained in here and vote the right way. Happy voting!

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