Countries For Fully Funded Scholarships


Countries For Fully Funded Scholarships: The fully-funded scholarship is the type where the institution, organization, or government awarding such scholarship takes care of tuition, accommodation, research materials, practical packages.

vacation visits to other countries, and in some cases flight tickets to and from the country of scholarship. Fully funded scholarships are the most researched, talked about, and highly sought after. In most developing countries.

Education is quite expensive which prompts scholars to seek funded scholarships to enable them to meet their quest. Like we did in our previous article on the 2020 scholarship to look out for.


We will will be educating you in this post on countries that offer free scholarships to scholars from developing countries.

African scholars are the major targets of most awarding countries since scholars in Africa have proven to have all it takes in research and manpower building.


There are several countries with different scholarship packages; fully funded which are open every year, but in this article, we have listed the best scholarship packages. Before the list, intending applicants are advised to this;



Applying for scholarship is not like ordering food in a restaurant, where you simply lost out what you want and be served. It takes time for a particular scholarship application to be completed, as there are requirements you have to meet. We advise you take your time to study the country of your choice, research field of your interest and what you will be needing.



Countries That Offer A Fully Funded Scholarship.



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The Chinese scholarship council (CSC) is an annual scholarship awarded to international students. There are about 286 universities under CSC scholarship, covering all fields, meant for scholars all over the globe but not Chinese people.

In applying for CSC, applicants are to first seek an acceptance letter from a Professor in the school he/she intend to apply. The acceptance letter is sent around November, while the CSC portal opens annually every March, while they announce results July ending through August. The CSC is still the largest scholarship scheme.

American government annually accept scholars for various levels (B.sc, M.sc, & Ph.D.). Public health is the most popular field where scholars are accepted.

Scholars are accepted yearly to pursue careers in different fields in Australia. There are various opportunities to gain in the country, as they are ranked among the 10 most research-based countries.

The conditions for acceptance are basically monitored by universities where the intending scholars will be taking the program. This means that the government is not in charge of regulating or mapping out conditions to be selected.


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From our ranking here in Naijanest, United Kingdom is the second country we suggest applicants lookout for after China. The UK government is poised to helping developing countries across Africa in gaining sound and quality education.

With that, every four months they open portals for scholars to grasp the opportunity of having fully funded scholarship in their country. The British council offer different academic supports to international students, popular amongst them are;

The Chevening Scholarship

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

Euraxess UK

Royal Society Grants

The Newton Fund, etc.


Another Asian country is great for its support towards developing countries. Just like others, the Japanese government extends its scholarship in fully funding scholars to engage in full academic training in their country.

They offer different aids like giving grants, scholarships for undergraduates, Master’s, Ph.D., and post-doctorate scholarship.


Thanks for reading our post, we really appreciate it. Is there any fully funded scholarship you are looking out for which we have not covered?. Please, let us know so that we can work on it. Isn’t China the best place to study? Share your view by using the comment box below.


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