Carleton University Scholarships for International Students

Are you Looking for a Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada? Applicants are now invited to apply for the Carleton University Scholarships 2023 in Canada. International Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply. University offers courses in more than 63 areas of fields.

Carleton University is mainly famous for its engineering, international business, humanities, and industrial design courses. There are more than 22,000 undergraduates and around 3,500 postgraduate students from all over the world. It was established in the year 1942 and is among the most famous public universities in Ontario, Canada. University is located in the capital city of Ottawa in Canada, Carleton University. Carleton university offers a wide range of academic fields more than 65 academic programs.

University provides a wider range of courses like engineering, physics, business management, IT, and even in oceans and paleontology. There are more than 1500 courses are listed on the Carleton university website. It’s an awesome a for international students because the university has the quality of research as well as a highly reputed professor in their fields. We encouraged you to must apply for the Carleton University Scholarships 2023 in Canada. For more details read the complete article given below.

About Carleton University

Carleton University was established in 1942 and was located in the capital city of Ottawa in Canada. It is one of the famous public universities in Ontario, Canada.

The university is known for its engineering, humanities, industrial design courses, and international business. Due to its network of top-notch professors from some of the best global universities, including Peking and Harvard, the university is able to offer such stimulating courses

Many of the university’s professors are well-known in their fields, making Carleton an ideal destination for any international student looking for an academically renowned university.

Details About Carleton university scholarships 2023

  • Country: Canada
  • Institute: Carleton university
  • Award: Fully-Funded
  • Program: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree

Application Process

The process of application is completely online for the Carleton university scholarship. To apply for the scholarship, please follow the given steps:

  • Check application deadlines.
  • Apply online
  • Track your application
  • Upload documents
  • Receive admission decision
  • Accept your offer of admission

Scholarships offered by Carleton University

Carleton University has the most generous scholarship and one of the most important bursary programs in Canada. Last year, more than 14,700 scholarships and more than $28.6 million in aid were awarded to bachelor’s students.

1. Entrance Scholarships

If you are admitted to Carleton with an average of 80 percent or better, you will automatically be considered for a renewable admission scholarship at the time of admission. International students are also eligible for these merit-based admission scholarships.

If you want to be considered for entrance scholarships, then you must send your complete application for admission and all required grades (either in person or through the Ontario Universities Application Center) by June 19 (deadline) to Carleton’s Admissions Services. Admission scholarship offers are not evaluated on final high school grades and are not reevaluated.

2. Prestige Scholarships

If you are entering Carleton directly from high school or CEGEP then you will only be considered for the Prestige Scholarship. In order to apply for all Prestige Scholarships, you must have an admission average of 90 percent or better. The selection committee will also assess the range of extracurricular activities in your community or secondary school. An application is required. The deadline is March 1.

Additional Entrance Scholarships

  • Carleton Capital Scholarship 

Each year up to 13 students will be selected, with one recipient for each territory and province, to receive a $2,000 award in their first year.

To apply for Carleton Capital Scholarship, the candidate must have Canadian citizenship or be a permanent resident or a protected person entering the first year of a degree program and they pursuing post-secondary education for the first time.

  • Awards for International Students

Furthermore, all international students who are applying for September 2022 Entrance Scholarships, will also be automatically considered for either the International Award of Excellence OR the International Award of Merit.

  • Sprott School of Business Scholarships

Students who are entering the first year of the Bachelor of Commerce program will be awarded with the Dean’s Entrance Scholarship of Excellence, valued at $2,000 or $4,000.

  • Faculty of Engineering and Design Scholarships

The top students who are entering in selected undergraduate of engineering programs will be awarded with up to 60 scholarships, valued at $1,000 to $5,000.

  • Page Program Entrance Scholarships

The students in the House of Commons Page Program who are entering at Carleton undergraduate degree program will be awarded with up to 15 scholarships.

  • Arthur Kroeger College National Scholarships

Students who enter the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management program will be awarded with up to 10 scholarships.

  • Collins Memorial Entrance Scholarships for Earth Sciences

Students who enter the first year of an Earth Sciences program will be awarded by two or more scholarships, valued at $1,000 to $4,000.

  • The Law Scholarship in Architectural Studies

A $10,000 scholarship is offered to an outstanding International student entering in a full-time undergraduate Architecture study.

More About Scholarship

More About Scholarship

The University of Carleton in Canada offers a huge variety of graduate programs with a large number of specializations. You can check these programs by clicking here.

All international Students are eligible to apply for Carleton University’s automatic entrance scholarships, and also eligible to apply for Prestige Scholarships

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