Best Ways to Make Money online in Nigeria.


The economic situation in Nigeria has made everyone an entrepreneur in one way or the other. Technology has brought us so many opportunities to make money online in Nigeria while doing what we like doing. People spend so much time online chatting, which they can convert to money making channel.

Recently, people started developing means through which we can perform simple tax online and get paid. In this article, we shall be looking genuine ways to make money online in Nigeria.

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Online Tutor

Do you have skills which you can teach people? If you answer is yes, then this business is for you. This could help boost your youtube visitors, if you have a youtube channel. You may not know that people are looking for that skill you have until you make a video of it and put online.


Viewers are looking for solutions to their numerous problems, and who knows your video could lead them to their des@tination. Online tutor is easy to do, you need to make a video of a topic you understand very well, you drop the videos in series like part 1, part 2 etc.

for example, if you can repair smart phones, you can make a video of it and start earning money. Start from simple ones like how to manually flash your smart phones. How best to preserve your phone battery etc. websites you can sign up and make money as a tutor are.








Become an affiliate marketer

One of the ways to make cool cash these days online is to become an affiliate marketer. Your job is simple you need to own a website then partner with agents of the company you want to market their products. Once you’re accepted, you bring products they have in store and sample them in your site with price tag higher than the original one they put.

When a customer places order, you receive the payment and make another order for the product from the company’s agent and they (the company’s agent) will do the shipment. You make your gain from the extra amount you put on the product. For example, a handbag your partner is selling at the rate of $5, you can increase the price to $8 and $3 is your gain.

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Your major work is to get the customer’s address and send to your partner, and monitor the shipment to make sure it gets to your customer. Amazon is a good company to start affiliate marketing with.

Publish e-books online


Publishing e-book online is easy unlike publishing on paper which takes time and cost a lot of cash too. To publish online, you must have a particular topic you want to write about, make sure its topic you know very well.

Let it be entirely your ideas as plagiarism is a big offence. People will be glad to buy your e-book if it’s about new knowledge which they never come across before. Once your book is ready choose a platform where you can upload and market it. Amazon Bookshelf is a good platform to reach your potential buyers. e-book publication is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Test App and get paid

Testing Apps and/or websites for beginners and already existing ones is a genuine way of making money in Nigeria. App developers pay up to $5 to visitors who test their apps and reply them on their experience so that they can improve. You can try Usertesting.com, signup and start making money.

Sell photos online

This is cool business opportunity for photographers and graphic designers. There are online stores where you can upload your photos and get paid. There are no limits to photos you can upload which means there is no limit to your earning. Online stores you can sell photos are;






Take online survey.

This system is very easy and simple. There are companies that advertise new products for the companies producing the product, the advertising company uploads pictures a new particular and ask of feedbacks on how you see the product colour or shape.

You just need few minutes to complete a survey and can do couple of surveys in a day. Websites to take surveys are;






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