BEST SCREEN CAPTURE SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR THIS YEAR: With the current paradigm shifts in technology software advancement, working with smartphones and computers are now made easy as you can capture content on your laptop or mobile as an image file.

Understanding the keys on our computer can be very cumbersome, as there are several key combinations that can help us work better which we are not aware of. For instance, all computers have print screen shortcut keys that help in capturing the screen; the Press Window button + PrtScr button.

When it comes to taking a quality screen capture which can display its full features, windows built-in screenshot isn’t the best option. In this post, we have selected the best screen capture software tools which are fully described in this article.



1.ScreenShot Captor: this software ranks highest when it comes to screen capture software. It has so many features more than other screenshot apps, like editing option, webcam support and animations.

Screenshot Captor brings out the best quality of the image being screen shot. It is easy to work with because of its user-friendly interface.


It automatically resizes image to its best quality including DIY feature. Screenshot Captor is outstanding with the following attributes;

Built-in editing tools


Highly customizable

Huge choice of capture options. GET SCREENSHOT CAPTOR


2.Windows Snipping Tool: This awesome tool also helps in capturing the screen of your desktop content to image files. As the name sounds, it is only meant for windows PC and not for Mac.

This software is easy to use, as it extends its capture ability by moving your mouse around the areas you want to capture.

You can select/highlight the full screen of your computer, while the software resizes the captured image to a sizable and good quality image file. If your windows computer, this software is the best option for you.GET WINDOWS SNIPPING TOOL

3.Steam: basically, Steam is primarily built for game downloading or buying, but apart from that it has some hidden features which allow users to take a screenshot of their game screen.

You may have found yourself in a situation where you tried capturing your game screen using the windows built-in button; you recall that the image file was not properly captured as some parts maybe missing.

The most important part of Steam is that it can be used to capture other documents, just by manually adding the file to the Steam software. F12 is the key for capturing in Steam and it automatically saves to the library of the software. To locate a saved files in Steam;

> go to steam’s view

> screenshot menu

> right-click on it

> hover over ‘show on disk’. GET STEAM

4.SnapDraw Free:  the snapDraw Free has the following features which makes it outstanding from other apps; FTP, Email sharing button, excellent editing tools, ad more capturing options.

This snapdraw free tool is totally different from others, as you can run almost full image editing on a screenshot image. You can add border, change backgrounds, add fading reflection and lost more.

ScreenDraw Free Tool also have 3D transformation tool, automatic image upload to FTP server, and/or option to send your image file as an email. GET SNAPDRAW FREE

5.Gadwin PrintScreen: though all the apps discussed above are free, Gadwin PrintScreen is not. It is developed for professionals and companies to reduce workload and also for a smarter and clean job.

To get the professional edition of Gadwin PrintScreen, one needs to pay about $24.95 for the app.

6. Skitch: another tool on our list is Skitch. It has the window version, Mac version, and the android version. Skitch is easy to use with the following features;

  • Saves webpages
  • Zoom & crop image
  • Markup text & highlights
  • Contrast colouring
  • Deleting option.. GET SKITCH


7.Screenpresso: it is still one of the wildly used apps for screen capture. It allows the users to capture HD videos and also edit the captured image or video.

With this software, users can change the image shape, size, background colors, add border effects, and lots more. GET SCREENPRESSO.

8.Lightshot: last on our list is Lightshot, it works on both Windows, Mac, Chrome, Opera mini, etc. Lightshot shares the same features with other apps, its special option is the ability to share your screenshot image files on social media platforms. GET LIGHTSHOT.

At this point, we are going to end this post on the BEST SCREEN CAPTURE SOFTWARE TOOLS FOR THIS YEAR.

Make use of our comments box right below if you find and issues or question basesed on this post.

Once we get your message we will get back to you. Good luck as you go through this application.


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