Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

A journey of a thousand miles they say starts with just a step, and so is starting a career journey, as it begins with making proper research and selects the best science courses to study in Nigeria. This article is typically for science students to know the good courses they choose and what is involved.

According to research, we have a 90% chance of doing well in an area where we’re naturally gifted. For instance, a high school student who is good at organizing his/her fellow students can do well as a leader provided.


He/she thrives to acquire a degree(s) in fields like Political Science, Public Administration, or Sociology. Parental influence is the major career problem we have in Africa;

As parents want their children to obtain degrees in only popular fields not minding where the children can do well. So, we urge you to read this article till the end.

List Of Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

1. Medicine and Surgery:

this is no doubt the biggest course which most science student wants to study.

People who make it through the medical college and become medical doctors are highly respected and don’t necessarily look for jobs after graduation.

A medical doctor is a trained professional in both the field of medicine and surgery. Concordantly, every parent wants to be called mama or papa ‘Doc’ and they push their children to start what they don’t have interest in.

Identify a course you’re good at and go for it not minding what people are saying including you’re parents because studying a course out of pity is the leading cause of suicide in the country today.

2. Psychology

best science courses to study in Nigeria

psychology is one of the underrated courses in Africa generally. Recently, people have started noticing and appreciating the importance of psychology in all aspects of human existence.

Before now, Psychologists are seen to be people who treat individuals with mental problems. Psychology is very vast and it’s only one of its specialties that handle individuals with mental issues.

While the rest takes care of behavioral and emotional adjustment, career choice, mental and family conflicts, recruitment and training, etc.

Due to the recent economic hardship felt by everyone cum depression issues and suicide cases being recorded, the demand for psychological and counseling intervention is on the rise.

Trained psychologists are now needed in different government agencies and private institutions to help ameliorate the challenge posted by depression.

It is high time you made Psychology a career choice. Indeed, Psychology is one of the best science courses to study in Nigeria, and art students can study it as well.


3. Survey and Geo-informatics:

this has to do with evaluating land structure to know what should actually be on the land and how they should be.

Before roads are constructed, structures are raised in any site the services of surveyors are sought.

It takes 4-5 years to obtain a degree or HND in surveying and Geo-informatics. consider this course as the best science course to study in Nigeria.

4.  Mathematics:

according to most students, this is one of the most difficult-to-understand subjects. People that are good at it sees it as the easiest to learn, just play by the rules, understand when to apply what, how, and why.

Mathematicians are always sought for in almost every field, and that is to explain how important the subject is to the existence of human life.

People whom study mathematics are always fixed somewhere, which means they don’t necessarily look for jobs after school. Still, looking for a course to consider? Try mathematics as the best science course to study in Nigeria.


5. Agricultural science:

this course doesn’t need much explanation as we all know what it means to be a farmer this day, talk more of having a degree in areas like Animal science, food production, and packaging, veterinary medicine, etc.

With a degree in Agricultural science, you don’t need to look for a job after school.

6.      Computer science:

best science courses to study in Nigeria

in this 21st century, the use of ICT is the major challenge facing older people as they are losing their jobs to younger folks who have the knowledge and skills of ICT. With a degree in Computer science, you can start up your own business or work for top companies with an attractive salary.

7.      Pharmacy

8.      Geology

9.      Applied Biology

10.  Nursing

The above-listed courses are not the only science courses that can be studied in universities in Nigeria.

Let us know of other courses that we may have omitted by using the comment box below. Join our WhatsApp group to get a daily scholarship update by clicking Here.


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