Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code.     


Welcome to our blog today, we are glad you’re here, this tutorial is on. Surfing the internet is one of our daily routine, as internet users keep themselves busy all day long either looking for new information, updating new information or chatting with friends, which ever one you you do,  Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code is all you need for smooth surfing.There is one thing which gives one access to the internet; Data. Data is very important to Smartphone/computer users as air is important to live. No wonder one of the service providers in Nigeria through their advert states that DATA is Oxygen.

In this article, we have compiled a list for  Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code for users in Nigeria.


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 Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code 2019


MTN Data Plan Code.

 Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code



Even though MTN subscribers in Nigeria are not happy with the worth services the provider (MTN) provides, there are lots of plans which users can benefit from. Currently, MTN subscribers in Nigeria can enjoy 1GB data for as low as #200 which is valid for 7days. Apparently, MTN users can also get 4GB data for #1000 which is valid for 1 month and 250MB data for #100 which will last for 3 days.

MTN Data Plan Code For 1GB at #200


to enjoy this welcome back offer, do the following;

> dial *131*65#


> select the option you want either #100, #200 or #1000.

> to check balance, dial *131*4#


How To Get MTN Double Data Offer


The double data offer from MTN gives new subscribers 4GB data on activation of a new SIM for 6 months.

This offer is awesome as most subscribers are enjoying the offer and many are keying in. As a subscriber, you can as well get 20GB for #5000 and use it as you like.




Data Plans For Airtel.

 Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code

Airtel subscribers are currently enjoying 600% bonus to call all network, including 4GB data for 3 months when you get a new Airtel SIM. This promo is one of the cheapest you can get anywhere as you have bonuses both for calls and for data. Also, there are  Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code you can use.

For every new Airtel SIM you get now, you could enjoy 8GB for #1000 +#3500 airtime to call all network or 17GB for #2000. For any subscription you wish to opt for, just dial *141#band follow the instructions.


Data Plans For GLO


 Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code

Globacom is no doubt one of the best service providers and the only indigenous service provider. Though, GLO network are very slow in some areas, still there are locations where their browsing speed moves very fast.

By joining GLO, you can enjoy 1.2GB for #200 and it will last for 3days, 5GB for #800 valid for 12 days.


GLO Oga SIM Plan.

The GLO Oga SIM is one of the best GLO promo going on. With this offer, you will enjoy 12.5GB data for #2500 valid for 30 days, 4.5GB for #1000 valid for 30 days as well.

GLO Codes

#124*1#            to check balance.

*777#                 for subscription & special offer.

*220*1#            to check OgaSIM data balance.

*127*0#            to check OgaSIM call balance.


Data Plans for 9Mobile

 Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code


9Mobile as a service provider in Nigeria has been through a lot recently. They have been lots of issues on the neck of the company to the extent that they have not amended and data subscription or run any promo now; we hope to bring you any update about their data plans as soon as they we get to hear from them.




Do you know of any  Airtel, 9Mobile,GLO And MTN Data Plan Code that is not on our list?, Please Drop a comment below.




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