4 Ways To Make Money Sbi Online As A Student.

Welcome to our blog. I believe why you are here is because you want to learn how to make money sbi online as a student or as a graduate. In this article, we shall be giving you tips that have been working for us. Focusing on one or two of the things we shall be discussing will change your financial life for good.


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Create a Youtube account

sbi online

Having a youtube account is one of the best ways to make money online without stress. To open youtube account is easy all you need is a smart phone connected to the internet, and a functional email address. Visit www.youtube.com, click on sign up fill the required information and boom your channel is ready.

Youtube is easy to run, easy to understand, because it contains few features. Your job as a youtube channel owner is simple; to keep uploading videos, as visitors watch your videos, you keep making your money. The interesting part of it is that these videos will keep generating income for you even when you are asleep.

Your videos must get up to 1000 views before you will get paid by Google. One of the best ways to become a successful entrepreneur is to have a business running even when you’re not there.  Now let’s talk about hoe to generate videos but before that you need to know that your videos must be clean for Google to pay you.

It mustn’t be adult videos (+18), it mustn’t be against any religion or promoting racism. Your videos could be a video of yourself practising yoga, dancing, from your church program, cultural practice, etc.



sbi online

Blogging is a student/non-student friendly online strategy to make money. Truth be told, technology has come to stay and at this time, one have to key into one of the internet money making platforms. Blogging is easy to do, all you need is to understand the basic things you need start. It is actually good for those that are good in writing.

If you can write stories, poem, articles, or you love writing about events, blogging is for you. It doesn’t require much technique, just your time and for you to be consistence. Your articles can earn you huge amount of money especially when you have Google adsense. Blogs are user friendly, if you can use micro soft word, then you can blog.


Become a content writer

Content developers are online freelance writer who writes for different blog owners and get paid. This is good for people who are good writers. You can make up to $100 writing a particular article. This is a lucrative business to venture into, since many blog owners are looking for writers that can write new content for them (drop a comment if you want to write for our blog).

Imagine writing an article per day for 30 days; i.e making $100 per day for 30 days which will amount to $3,000 from a blog owner. Remember you can write for more than ten (10) blogs and most of the contract could be long term, which means that you can be placed on salary.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate market is another through which one can meet huge amount of money online whether as a student, graduate, working class, etc. it doesn’t require you must be a pro, all needed here is just basic skills. one may ask, What is affiliate marketing? to address this, it is simply bringing buyers to producers while you get paid for any product purchased.

one of the popular companies for affiliate marketing is Amazon, all you need is; sign up and get your unique code as a marketer, place the link in your blog or website where people can click on it to purchase one product or the other.

Hope this article was helpful?


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