#2019 VP Debate, What Went Wrong.

By Miss Chisom Agbo

The vice presidential debate against the 2019 general Elections was held at Transcorp hilton hotels Abuja. It was organized by the Nigerian Elections Debate group and the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria. The debate was opened with members of the five selected political party vice presidential candidates. The names of the candidates for the vice presidential debate 2019 include;



Alhaji Ganiyu Galadima of ACPN

The incumbent vice President of APC Osibanjo

Peter Obi of PDP.

Umma Getso YPP

Khadijah Abdullahi Iya of ANN.

 vice presidential debate 2019

vice presidential debate 2019

On the opening speech made by Osibanjo. He stated how the APC led administration is working too hard to better the lives of Nigerians. He pointed out that his hair was not too grey when he started in 2015. But due to the overtaxing of the work. All along it paid him because he was able to express individual ability.


He made emphasis on the popular saying that the role of the vice president is like a spare tire. Osibanjo said No to the idea on how the Nigerian Jurisdiction have specific roles which VP is entitled to do.

 vice presidential debate 2019

vice presidential debate 2019

“Finally, I think the role of the vice President is one that also requires a great deal of patience because you may not always agree on policies”. He said.


Abdulahi-Iya of ANN talked about her belief that Nigerians should be concerned on dangerous condition of Children in order to protect the country’s future. She made mention of her personal Biography, stating how she got a masters degree in Law at the University of Abuja.


Series of arguments where made with each representatives trying to outshine their opponent. Galadima of ACPN was careful about the manifestos of each candidate urging Nigerians to look critically on each to make a well noted choice at the polls. On his part Peter Obi said


“Our country today has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world. Our human development index has developed from 152 to 157 our global competitive index has dropped from 124 to 127”.  He argued.


On his part, Osibanjo also made mention of the social investment program initiated by the Federal Government. He argued that it is the biggest in the history of the country taking N500b smart phones. The flag bearer of the YPP described how she will help if elected in shaping the economy of the country. She added that she was a pioneer member and founder of women multi-purpose cooperative society in Bauchi state. This has made great impact in the lives of rural women in and outside the state.

 vice presidential debate 2019

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