Ever since the beginning of this year, a lot of incidents have trended for one reason or the other. Most of these incidents trended for the wrong reasons, while others trended for the right reasons. Noth-withstanding, there were some that trended neither for the wrong reasons nor for the right reasons, or perhaps they trended for the wrong or right reasons but majority of observers are yet to identify these reasons.

Among these incidents that had trended this year, none became more obvious like the ten years challenge.Many are yet to trace the genesis of the ten years challenge, with some crediting it to an unanimous person. This is because the challenge is trending with almost everyone wanting to queue in, thereby making it difficult to trace the originator of the challenge. The ten years challenge was first started by Damon Lane, Chief meteorologist for KOCO News 5 in Oklahoma.


The post first appeared on his Facebook page on January 11th, 2019. Nobody had been known or recorded to have made a similar post on any social media platform prior to this date. Other similar posts started appearing after much likes and shares from Damon Lanes post.


This challenge involves the uploading of ones old picture that was snapped ten years ago. This is usually done with a current picture uploaded together or alongside with the old picture. Take for example, we are currently in the year 2019, those that are interested in taking part in the challenge are to upload a picture dated back to 2009 together with the one they snapped in this year 2019.

From observations, most of those that have taken part in this challenge have used it as an opportunity to be thankful to God, friends, and relatives for the positive contributions they have made in their lives. Some have used this medium to call out some people for the bad conducts they showed to them ten years ago, when they perhaps were struggling to get to where they are today.


Among those that are calling out people for negative reasons or for having played a bad role in their lives, there are still few that believe that these bad roles played in their lives were instrumental in helping them get to where they are today. Some believe these bad roles or unpleasant behavior showed to them helped in making them stronger, motivating them, and giving them more reason to become stronger and work harder to get to where they are today.

Despite the positive reasons attributed to this challenge, there are still few that believe it is a waste of time and energy. Some are of the opinion that posting old pictures alongside new pictures is meaningless and perhaps, a way of being flamboyant. They believe it is another way of making noise in the social media.

They believe posting pictures snapped ten years ago with recent pictures doesn’t in any way promote the economy of economically challenged countries like Nigeria. Those in Nigeria with this school of thought believe it is a total deviation from the main situation before the nation, which is the Presidential election. Most of those with this school of thought have on different occasions tagged those sharing pictures snapped ten years ago alongside those snapped in 2019 as the proverbial lazy youths.


Youths that have no interest in the affairs of the nation; youths that are only interested in wasting their time on flamboyant lifestyles rather than developing interest in issues that will promote the situation of the country. Among those criticizing the ten years challenge, there are some that believe that taking part in the challenge doesn’t in any way show ones achievements. They believe that achievements are not discerned through sharing old pictures alongside new pictures.


Also they think the changes in ones appearance from ten years ago doesn’t in any way denote that person is living a life better than the one he/she was living ten years ago. Some people were even better off last ten years than they are now. They view it that some people were well fed ten years ago than they are now. They believe that some people that were broke ten years ago are still broke till date.


To them, they believe people should be celebrating their achievements rather than the physical changes that have taken place in their body appearances. Among those that have shown strong disapproval of this ten years challenge, there are very few that are making a joke off the challenge. They do this through sharing funny pictures to mimic the challenge. All in all, these controversies have added more fuel to the trending of this challenge as the challenge keeps trending with the passing day.


Apart from the challenge trending because of the mixed feelings associated to it, one of the main reasons the challenge continues trending is because of the involvement of some celebrities in it. Most of these celebrities taking part in this challenge believe the challenge is worth taking as it reminds them of where they were, how far they have gone, and what they have gone through before becoming successful.


They believe the past will help them in being thankful for the little or the much they have achieved, and help in shaping or determining their future line of action. They also believe this is a better way of motivating others struggling like they did last ten years, a way of telling them not to give up. Still, there are some celebrities that don’t find the challenge intriguing. Just like others, they believe the challenge is a waste of time and not worth their time.

A lot of celebrities in Nigeria and outside Nigeria have taken the challenge. Some of the celebrities especially in the US that have so far taken part in this challenge include Nicki Minaj, Ellen Degeneres, Jessica Biel, James Patrice, Sujan Jackson, Jack Witehell, among others. Inclusively, the list of Nigerian celebrities that have taken part in this challenge are unending.


Top on the list is Falze the bad guy who just dropped his inspirational album that many people believe will be one of the best of this year. Others include Don Jazzy, Rudeboy of Psquare, Harrysong, among others. Whatever reason people have for supporting or objecting the challenge, one thing is certain, the challenge is not harmful. Everyone is entitled to do whatever he or she wants to do as long as it is lawful.

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